Zero Trust Data Security MUZE Platform Reduces Breach Risk and Incident Response Cost with Automatic File-Level Encryption

ARLINGTON, Va., July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Phalanx AI Inc. (Phalanx), a Techstars-portfolio startup company operating in the greater Washington, D.C. area, announced the official launch of MUZE (Monitoring Unstructured data with Zero trust Encryption) which reduces the risk of data breaches, reduces the cost of incident response if a breach occurs, and provides data security through automatic, productivity-centric file-level encryption. 

Phalanx combines multiple cybersecurity paradigms organizations are seeking to reduce cost, implementation time, and reportable breach footprint. Zero Trust, automation, and encryption are foundational to MUZE’s design which prioritizes employee productivity while being environment agnostic to enable security and counteract shadow IT as data is used across organizations.

MUZE provides data analytics, tracking, and visibility over files and unstructured data, which are a class of data that is currently difficult to track but provides significant cyber risk to an organization. In addition, MUZE leverages automation to bring encryption to the file level without burdening users or requiring classification, policies, or security decisions. "We listened to the needs of CISOs and wanted to help with the fact they are generally understaffed while having increasing data security requirements," stated Ian Garrett, CEO & Co-founder of Phalanx. Garrett further stated, "With Phalanx MUZE they’ll have more visibility into their organization’s cyber risk and reduce the overall time and burden of providing provable data security to their staff."

MUZE can operate autonomously and integrates into many other solutions to build layered and comprehensive security for your organization’s data. MUZE is unique in its combination of automation and productivity, according to Austin Garrett, CTO and Co-founder of Phalanx. Garrett added, "We designed a data-centric security platform that protects the endpoint and the cloud by starting with creating the platform around how users actually work instead of starting with controls and forcing it on users. Everything is done in the same way they’re dealing with their files today."

While comprehensive data security with solutions often have long implementation timeframes such as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) or Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Phalanx MUZE offers a lightweight cybersecurity platform for those companies seeking a file-level Zero Trust data security solution.

Phalanx MUZE is an easy-to-use cybersecurity platform that prioritizes security-enhanced productivity, offering features such as Zero Trust enablement, secure Data-at-Rest, secure Data-in-Transit, Data Analytics, Audit Logging, Executive Dashboard, and Single Sign-On. The platform provides additional security features with less overhead as compared with the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) or Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) platforms. Carl Kenney, COO and Co-Founder of Phalanx, claims that MUZE is characterized by (1) Automatic unstructured data encryption locally and in the cloud giving secure Data-at-Rest protection against possible data breaches and reduction of the reportable footprint, (2) Data analytics and insight into unstructured data, which allows for incident response teams to pinpoint breached data within minutes instead of days and (3) Encrypted data transfers without requiring installation or accounts for third parties, which allow tracking and control over data that goes outside of an organization.

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Phalanx AI Inc. (Phalanx) is based in Arlington, Virginia, and was founded in January 2021 by a core team of cybersecurity experts and military veterans. Phalanx’s first cybersecurity solution, MUZE, automates file-level security with industry-standard encryption algorithms and Zero Trust principles. For more information, please visit or contact

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