Zeal Technology Makes Splash in Digital Adoption Platform Market

BOSTON, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Zeal Technology, a leader in the guided learning software market, announces the launch of their new deployment modules, which will significantly reduce implementation time. The Web Application and Browser Plugin versions of Zeal Link are sure to disrupt the Digital Adoption Platform landscape. Prior, all such platforms required massive time and effort to deploy, causing delayed time to value and reduced efficiency. Zeal takes minutes to set up, not weeks, making it easier to provide real-time guidance to employees and achieve the productivity enhancements you need from your digital transformation projects. 

“What good is a product if your team cannot use it?” Zeal’s VP of Product, Jeremy Becker, asked us. “The goal of Digital Adoption is to provide real-time guidance to employees as they move through a software product or business process. This increases productivity and reduces error, saving your company money. But if implementing a Digital Adoption Platform takes too long, you lose those benefits.” By providing customers with multiple deployment models, they can provide support on any application on the web, unlike their competitors that rely on code embedding and long implementation timelines.

Moreover, Zeal’s authoring tools offer a robust and easy-to-use engine for creating content. In particular, Zeal’s groundbreaking new process for creating conditional statements that show the right content to employees in their moment of need is a game-changer in the market. Zeal Technology CEO, Mark Somol, stated “We listened to our customers. They all loved the idea of guided learning, but abandoned it when they saw how cumbersome it was to implement and build. The message was clear. We needed to build a product that enabled them to support their people without staggering administrative costs. I am thrilled to say we have done this.” The future is bright for Zeal Technology and the Digital Adoption Platform market. To learn more or schedule a demo, head to Zeal.Technology

About Zeal Technology: 

Zeal‘s customizable guided learning software delivers on-demand information in real-time to maximize individual performance in any remote, virtual, or in-person environment. Zeal’s platform provides bite-sized data access to improve information retention and limit the overall administrative burden. Zeal’s platform is optimized for microlearning, self-service guided learning, and contextual learning to help companies and organizations disseminate their own content and information to support onboarding, real-time knowledge base updates, training, compliance, and so much more. Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, since 2016, Zeal provides digital adoption platform solutions to millions of users worldwide.

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