xpression camera Launches as the Only Real-Time AI-Generated Face Filtering App for Video Meetings, Live Streaming and Chatting

 Bring Speed and Privacy to Live Video Interactions

TOKYO, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tokyo-based synthetic media developer EmbodyMe, Inc. today announced the U.S. launch of xpression camera, the real-time, face-filtering app for video meetings, live streaming and chatting. xpression camera reflects users’ facial expressions on any face-featured photo or video in real-time to take video meetings at any time and create content – videos, GIFs, memes, and more. As the only real-time, AI-generated, face filtering app on the market, xpression camera lets content creators easily import their videos or stream live, for fun or for work, in Zoom, Twitch, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, YouTube and more. 

With xpression camera, the creator’s face becomes the blueprint to instantaneously maneuver expressions, as well as the facial and head movements in a chosen photo or video. EmbodyMe, xpression camera’s developer, uses neural rendering and 3D Dense Face-Tracking to capture facial movements in real time and regenerate visual elements immediately. 

Setting it apart from others in the real-time filtering space, xpression camera maintains complete privacy of the user by changing the facial and background images on the screen. In addition, all videos and live-streams have a watermark embedded to protect users and viewers of the content from deep-fake confusion.

"xpression camera offers users a transformative experience, whether they are using the app on work calls or are inspired to insert their face or voice into the latest tik-tok trend," said Issay Yoshida, CEO of EmbodyMe Inc. "We are empowering creators to put their best face forward, whether it’s their face or not, letting them effortlessly create new content when they want to be off camera or when a spark of creativity takes hold."

Standard PCs and Macs will quickly produce high-quality content using images from the web, camera roll, social media, or the app. Creators can become any image with a face — pictures, paintings, stuffed animals, dolls, artwork, comics, cartoons, sculptures, illustrations, pets, or a star in a movie or TV clip.

xpression camera – Free/Pro
  • Free App Version: A free version of xpression camera allows creators unlimited access to 7 default face images and 15 default background images.
  • Pro App Version ($8 a month/ $84 a year): The Pro version of xpression camera allows access to the default images and backgrounds found in the free app, and also features the ability to import local images, create video recordings, image searching and virtual background customization.

The beta version of xpression camera launched in September 2020. In November, 2020, the app secured the "No. 1 product of the week" spot on Product Hunt. In 2018 it was also awarded the Microsoft Innovation Award and the GTC Japan NVIDIA Inception Award.

About EmbodyMe

EmbodyMe, Inc., based in Tokyo, develops synthetic media using AI, which enables user-generated video and image manipulation content. With specialists in deep learning and computer graphics technologies, the company provides inventive solutions to today’s most pressing audio-visual communication challenges. EmbodyMe is supported by well-known investors, including Techstars, IncubateFund, and DeepCore (a Softbank AI-focused fund). The company has released several products, including a VR app called Embody Me, xpression for iOS, a meme generator, and xpression camera.