Whitewater Foundry Proudly Announces Partnership With CodeWeavers – Makers of Popular Windows® Subsystem for Linux Distribution ‘Pengwin’ to Work in Tandem With Wildly Successful Open-Source Creators of ‘CrossOver’

COLUMBUS, Ga., Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Whitewater Foundry (https://www.whitewaterfoundry.com/) recently announced a mutually beneficial partnership with the coding experts at CodeWeavers, a match-up that will pair two digital powerhouses equally dedicated to innovation and wide cross-platform program accessibility. Both companies have already begun to work on an exciting new product based on the collaboration, with more details and updates forthcoming in a future release. Whitewater Foundry’s signature distros like Pengwin helps users more easily run Linux programs on a Windows 10 device, while CodeWeavers is best known for CrossOver, a Windows compatibility layer available for Linux, macOS, and ChromeOS. Whitewater Foundry also offers products for businesses, in addition to consulting services.

“We’re pleased to announce this partnership with CodeWeavers,” said Carlos Ramirez of Whitewater Foundry. “Creating products that give users the benefit of multi-platform digital compatibility is sometimes like playing an endlessly evolving game of coding Whack-a-Mole. It takes dedication, skill, and hard work to keep up with all of the newest iterations while delivering quality software that users and digital hobbyists rely upon. This is where CodeWeavers shines brightest – they are first and foremost coders who love what they’re doing. And that absolutely comes through in all of their digital products. We share their enthusiasm, and we’re excited at the prospect of our future collaborative efforts.”

About CodeWeavers

CodeWeavers is a group of dedicated software liberators, digital innovators, and skilled open-source coders who are the inventors of CrossOver software: a unique approach to cross-platform compatibility that does not require dual-boot or another OS license. Along with PortJump for app and game developers and ExecMode for organizational tech challenges, CodeWeavers continues to make an indelible stamp on the software industry. Learn more at www.CodeWeavers.com.

About Whitewater Foundry, Ltd. Co.

Whitewater Foundry first made news in September 2018 when it launched WLinux, the first native Linux distribution for Windows® Subsystem for Linux to satisfy the demand for a secure WSL solution for enterprise prompted the development of WLinux Enterprise. Whitewater Foundry has since grown into a worldwide team and maintains the Fedora Remix for WSL, built on WLinux Enterprise. Whitewater Foundry is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, a licensee in the Open Innovation Network, and a Red Hat Business Partner. Whitewater Foundry also maintains the latest iteration of its signature “Raft” app for WSL2 on Windows® 10. Learn more at: www.whitewaterfoundry.com/.

Media Contact:

Carlos Rafael Ramirez, CEO
706 405 4338


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