ValueBlue Releases 2022 Agile Business Transformation Benchmarking Report

More than 50% of IT executives are dissatisfied with their organizations ability to execute agile business transformation

NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ValueBlue (, creators of the BlueDolphin agile enterprise architecture tool, has released the findings from its 2022 Agile Business Transformation Benchmarking Report. The study shows that those companies that are seeing impactful results from business transformation projects have a higher degree of agile project management maturity, achieving 3.26 times stronger outcomes. However, 20% of companies are not achieving desired outcomes, showing a strong correlation between adopting agile project management and implementing business transformation projects that have a higher business impact.

ValueBlue surveyed CIOs, IT professionals, and enterprise architects at 150 organizations ranging from small businesses to enterprise-scale companies in eight countries. The findings show that 62% of organizations are looking for business transformation to increase agility and flexibility, and 59% are seeking to increase productivity and efficiency. Companies also are seeking to reduce legacy infrastructure, rationalize their application landscape, and enhance customer experience through agile business transformation. Projects are being prioritized by their business impact (73%), although project cost (61%), budget (53%), and resources (52%) also are key factors in choosing which projects to pursue.

The study also shows growing agile maturity in project management. More organizations are embracing agile best practices, dividing projects into shorter work phases, and adjusting as needed, eliminating unnecessary steps and resources. Sixty-six percent of those surveyed see agile business transformation as essential for business survival.

“What our Agile Business Transformation Benchmarking Report shows is that the role of the enterprise architect has become an essential function,” said Jelle Visser, Chief Commercial Officer for ValueBlue. “The need for agile business transformation is more acute than ever, and organizations need technology ambassadors and transformation tools that span the entire business.”

Companies adopt agile transformation practices for six reasons: to accelerate project delivery (64%), improve team alignment (50%), manage changing priorities (48%), enhance delivery predictability (37%), increase productivity (36%), and enhance quality (31%). The survey also revealed that 73% of organizations have access to the information they need for transformation projects but struggle with the time, cost, and resources required for execution.

“Successful business transformation requires you to reevaluate the enterprise to determine how to create value today and in the future,” said Visser. “Applying agile transformation changes processes, structures, human resources, and systems to align operations with strategy and vision. Those companies with high agility maturity are finding success using an integrated approach with business rules and a guiding framework such as BlueDolphin. The key is effective collaboration to achieve well-defined business goals.”

A copy of ValueBlue’s 2022 Agile Business Transformation Benchmarking Report is available on the ValueBlue website.

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