Turning Set to Transform the Learning Experience for Businesses, Universities, and School Districts with the Launch of Dojo360

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Turning, the world’s premier provider of learning engagement software, announced today the release of its new solution, Dojo360, an online learning engagement platform designed for hybrid learning.

Dojo360 is part of the Turning suite of software applications that makes creating and delivering training fun and effective. Dojo360 gives instructors the ability to upload and organize content from a variety of popular formats such as PPT, audio, and images to be utilized in building interactive learning pathways for synchronous or asynchronous instruction.

The Growing Hybrid Learning Needs of Organizations

Creating and managing hybrid learning materials across modalities including virtual, self-paced, and in-person training consumes a large proportion of an instructor’s time and as the volume of disparate solutions adopted increases, the management of these materials becomes more complex over time. In addition, maintaining multiple modalities to track effectiveness, increase engagement, and organize materials, can become an expensive and unwieldy proposition.

With Dojo360, organizations will have a single-source hybrid learning solution with the ability to instruct live or remote audiences, create and manage learning materials, and report outcomes from a central hub. Trainers and Instructors will have new avenues to drive audience engagement through live classes or self-paced assignments with interactive assessment and virtual learning spaces. Enhanced reporting provides visibility into the performance and engagement results at the individual, class/assignment, and course level. An integrated toolset seamlessly plugs into any LMS, LXP, or custom solution.

“Dojo360 is the latest, most modern offering in the Turning portfolio derived from our extensive experience and proven platform assets, furthering our commitment to continue driving improved engagement in the learning process,” said Kenneth Frank, CEO of Turning. “Our focus as a company is to relentlessly improve learner engagement and enable our customers to quantify the investments they are making in their learning and training initiatives.

Turning Continues to Focus on Learning Engagement

Today’s rapidly changing world needs learning solutions that evolve with instructor and learner needs. It’s important that these solutions ensure that the time to learn reduces, expected outcomes show continuous improvement, analytics provide progress against goals, and the solution remains simple for all users to use. Dojo360 creates a single modality that keeps pace with user requirements and extends the functionality of a current LMS.


Dojo360 is currently available to the public for a Free, 21-Day Trial. Learn more about Dojo360 and the Turning suite of applications at https://www.turning.com/dojo360

Turning is currently showcasing live public demos of Dojo360 weekly. Sign up to learn more about how Dojo360 is transforming learning and training to drive engagement.

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