Tramazing and Zealic Solutions Have Formed A Powerful Partnership

CARY, N.C., Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Tramazing and Zealic Solutions have entered into a partnership to engineer a completely new, more efficient way to train salespeople. A way that builds upon the recognized elements of successful sales training while adding innovative learning methodologies to drive sales performance. Engagement leads to learning, learning leads to adoption, adoption leads to application, and that application leads to better sales outcomes. Skill development coupled with a positive change in sales behavior is at the very heart of this partnership.

“There has been a lot of fantastic content and powerful sales training programs produced over the past several decades. The impact of that content and the associated training programs have created enormous wealth for companies and individuals. Some of the teachings are timeless and still work today. However, based on all of the changes happening throughout the world, and the impact on the business community, we felt very strongly that we needed to bring something different to the training industry, and we found that in Zealic Solutions,” says Michael Norton, CEO and Founder of Tramazing.

Technology, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence have dramatically altered the way people buy and the way people sell. And now is the time for sales organizations to rise to the challenge by amplifying their selling skills and behaviors through transformative and adaptive learning solutions.

The Buying Journey Has Changed, The Sellers Learning Journey Must Change as Well

By combining decades of sales training experience, new learning methods, and a revolutionary platform, we are able to provide an adaptive learning journey and experience.  This combined offering goes beyond meeting expected sales challenges that companies are facing today. This solution will equip sales teams to grow and win in an ever-changing business environment.

“We’re here to disrupt the training industry. We began by looking at all the pieces that go into organizational transformation, thinking out of the box, with a focus on creating a dramatically better outcome. While we took all elements into consideration, we started with the creation of an innovative cloud-based platform, zEd. It was engineered to take organizations, like sales, through an adaptive learning journey aimed at the needs of the ‘modern-learner’ while making it fun and rewarding through a game-based user experience. This coupled with Tramazing’s track record in sales training brings all the needed elements together for a complete solution that will change the transformation journey of any sales organization,” says Chuck Piccirillo, CEO Zealic Solutions, Inc.

Sales enablement solutions are being developed very quickly to help sales organizations succeed in today’s highly competitive market. Regardless of the “cool” factor and how easy-to-use these tools may seem, if the salespeople don’t adopt the technology, the tools are no good. Engaging salespeople through asynchronous learning journeys that they can complete at their own pace and coupling it with virtual instructor-led training increases the likelihood of adoption and utilization of the sales processes and methodologies they are trying to learn and apply.

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