Tmnascommunity – TerraMaster NAS Third-party Community Application Platform Provides Nearly a Hundred Free Apps

SHENZHEN, China, May 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Integrating storage, backup, sharing and media services, TNAS has an increasingly wide user base around the world. At present,, a community application platform for TerraMaster TNAS developed and maintained by developers, is also officially launched. This is an open source community, which has provided nearly a hundred free TNAS applications, covering multimedia, development tools, data backup, security, network, business and other fields, the number of applications is still increasing.

As more and more developers join the ranks of TerraMaster application development, the functions and application range of TNAS are getting wider and wider. Since TOS 5.1, TerraMaster has also added the portal of the community application platform in the official application center.

The TNAS community application platform covers a wealth of topics and categories, and users can download and communicate the applications they are interested. At present, these applications support TOS4 and TOS5 systems, and community applications bring more obvious benefits to TNAS users:

APP Resources

The applications released in the community can help users explore more functions of TNAS and enrich the experience of TNAS devices.

Professional Support

Developers will answer users’ questions in the community, provide technical support to solve problems, and help users better understand and use TNAS devices.

Users Communication

Other users in the community can also answer users’ questions or share their experiences, which can help users better understand how to get the most out of their TNAS devices.

Provide Feedback

Users can provide feedback and suggestions in the community to help improve TNAS applications and services.

How to download?

Enter the TNAS App Center, click Community App, enter the application download page of TerraMaster Community Place, select the application you want to download, and then install the downloaded application installation package manually in the “Install application manually” under the settings.

Users can also directly enter the community application platform here


1. Community applications are not officially developed by TerraMaster; 
2. TerraMaster do not provide services and technical support for community applications;
3. Users shall bear all risks by themselves, including but not limited to: loopholes, bugs, malicious codes, copyrights, etc.;
4. All actions of the community application platform have nothing to do with TerraMaster.

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