TETRIX® Robotics Simulation Software

PITTSBURG, Kan., Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The TETRIX® Virtual Robotics (VR) simulation software, powered by Robotify, is a new digital/physical robotics experience from Pitsco Education that enables students to code a virtual TETRIX robot using the Arduino C libraries. When used with the TETRIX MAX robotics building system, TETRIX VR is one of few solutions that gives students the option to code virtually and then test their code on a real robot.

Ideal for any flexible learning environment, the simulation software and TETRIX hardware can be used separately or in combination, enabling learners to function like real-world engineers, creating and operating digital and physical solutions.

The platform includes 15 real-world activities, each of which includes a series of progressive tasks and concludes with an open-ended challenge.

  • Activities 1-5: Assistive robots are used to digitally introduce the controller, motors, and sensors.
  • Activity 6: Students build a physical TETRIX robot. (Set Option 1, Set Option 2)
  • Activities 7-10: Domestic robots are used to develop systems thinking.
  • Activities 11-15: Focusing on safety and security robots, learners use sensors to explore advanced programming.

The 15 activities include a total of 22.5 hours of content, equally split between digital and physical robot activities. Each activity includes step-by-step coding instructions and delivers real-time feedback. Best of all, even coding novices can complete the engaging activities.

"No coding experience is required as we provide complete step-by-step instructions," said Pitsco Curriculum Specialist Aaron Locke, who authored the activities. "We explain not only what to code but also how to code – debugging, writing clean code, all the best practices of coding."

Each activity includes:

  • Lesson overview
  • Real-world connections
  • Learning objectives
  • Coding concepts
  • Pacing guide
  • Correlations to Computer Science Teachers Association standards
  • Goals, teaching points, discussion questions, and sample solution code

Plus, tracking student progress and understanding is easy with built-in learning management tools that enable teachers to:

  • Organize classes and add, remove, or change teacher and student info.
  • Track students’ progress through an adaptive learning environment.
  • Manage, assign, and assess individual student tasks.
  • View student data analytics and usage reports.
  • Sync with Google Classroom or Clever.

The digital-only learning experience featuring just the online simulation tool is available on Chromebook, Windows, and Mac, iPad OS, and Android tablets.


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Contact: Editorial Manager Tom Farmer

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