Tech Pioneer Blendification Launches in New ConsultTech Software Category

The software platform is designed to blend work and life with Personal and Strategy Whiteboards  

BOULDER, Colo., July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blendification, a software company designed to help users harmonize the competing priorities of work and life, today launched a software platform in the new ConsultTech (consulting technology) space with the release of its Personal and Strategy Whiteboards.  

For too long there has been a rift between work and personal lives. The idea of work/life balance is a myth. It has led to burnout, stress, and an overall lack of fulfillment. Blendification is a tool that enables work-life blend by connecting culture to organizational strategy and linking it all to employee growth. Organizations with a strong connection between culture, strategy, and execution can generate impressive financial returns while also delivering a positive impact to employees, customers, and communities. 

"We have spent years developing the Blendification software based on our ethos of aligning employee and organizational growth," Dan Bruder, co-founder and CEO of Blendification said. "We are passionate about dismantling the idea of work-life balance and promoting the blend of work and life and know that every vertical could benefit from implementing our software."  

Blendification’s platform brings two key elements to companies and their employees: the Strategy Whiteboard and the Personal Whiteboard. The Strategy Whiteboard is used for strategic planning and implementation to help businesses achieve their overarching goals. The Strategy Whiteboard promotes collaboration with efficient planning, tools, a video guidance structure (called Virtual Consultant), and additional execution capabilities on one platform. Companies are able to align interrelated priorities between their customer and market, products and services, operations, and people. 

The Personal Whiteboard helps employees grow and develop by leveraging a framework they’ve experienced at the company level with prompts that help them apply the same philosophies at the personal level. Employees can commit to their work, wellness, relationships, and interests while determining what is important to them and focusing on their goals. The Personal Whiteboard helps employers foster employee growth intentionally and connects employee pursuits to business outcomes.  

Blendification enters the market amid an uptick in organizational strategic pivots, a looming recession, and a significant shift in workers’ expectations of companies. The Blendification ethos and software provide guidance towards a cultural shift in the workplace, operating as the ultimate tool to help professional consultants, business owners, decision-makers, and HR professionals design a new, meaningful worker experience and culture that will promote not just productivity, but connectivity. Accompanying the product launch, Blendification will provide a no-cost certification workshop to a few handpicked implementation partners in select regions. Submit your interest by emailing by August 15. 

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About Blendification 

Blendification is a software company founded in 2020 that harmonizes work and life, activating greater potential for business to make a positive impact on communities. It provides cloud-based software that unifies strategy planning and personal development. Its products are the Strategy Whiteboard and Personal Whiteboard apps. 

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