TCS Healthcare is Now Chordline Health™

TCS rolls out new name and new logo to reflect company’s evolution.

WILMINGTON, N.C., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TCS Healthcare Technologies, the leading provider of managed care solutions designed by clinicians, today announced that it has a new name. The company is now Chordline Health, a name chosen to better reflect the company’s current culture, values, and vision.

Since its founding in 1984, the company has been dedicated to delivering best-in-class managed care software designed from the clinician perspective. Over the years, the company has grown and evolved as has the entire healthcare industry. The new company name is a part of this evolution and better represents what the company is today – a team laser focused on customer success and committed to remaining agile in the face of rapid change.

The company’s solutions are designed to support managed care operations including prior authorization, concurrent review, case management, appeals, and grievances. Chordline is actively focused on further developing features in both the Acuity Advanced and ACUITYnxt platforms including offering population health analytics leveraging Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Group (ACG) system.

"The hummingbird’s chord line is a unique wing-structure ratio that allows it to perform amazing feats of agility like hovering, flying backwards, and sideways somersaults," commented Deborah Keller, CEO of TCS Healthcare. "Our new name, Chordline Health, and logo which includes the hummingbird, represent our team’s agility and unwavering commitment to go above and beyond.

The transition to Chordline will begin immediately. Customers running the ACUITYnxt or AcuityAdvanced platforms will be minimally impacted and will be notified in advance of any required changes or updates.

About Chordline Health (formerly TCS Healthcare Technologies)

Chordline Health (Chordline) is the leading provider of population health software designed to support health plans, TPAs, ACOs and other risk-bearing organizations. The Chordline team of US-based clinicians and developers are recognized for their best-in-class managed care expertise and customer support. Chordline Health is an HCAP Partners portfolio company.

Media Contact:
Deborah Keller
Chief Executive Officer

SOURCE TCS Healthcare Technologies