SyncWords Announces Integration with DeepL Contextual Machine Translation

NEW YORK, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With SyncWords bringing into play contextual machine translation, powered by DeepL, users can now add high-quality foreign subtitles in 50+ languages. Leveraging DeepL’s advanced deep learning and SyncWords’ patent-pending proprietary AI technology, SyncWords now considers the whole document context when powering foreign subtitles for pre-recorded media. Running state-of-art contextual language processing, SyncWords ensures up to 95% better accuracy than regular machine translation. Being agile, affordable, and with lightning-quick turnarounds, it has become easy to make pre-recorded media accessible and inclusive while expanding audience reach and increasing engagement.

Contextualizing Technology for Smarter AI

Adding contextualization to machine translation is critical in the world of captioning. Using machine learning, natural language processing technologies, algorithms, and engines trained on tens of millions of bilingual sentences in various language combinations helps machine translation achieve greater accuracy.

In other words, the algorithm considers the whole document and not just separate segments, thus providing improved nuanced translation. To use an analogy: the engine looks for capturing the whole story, and not just a couple of sentences. Enhanced with SyncWords’ proprietary AI for accurate segment alignment and positioning of captions, your video content is delivered with easy-to-read quality subtitles. SyncWords‘ AI for subtitles considers several user interface aspects like reading comfort, eye movement on the screen and, of course, natural synchronization of the spoken and subtitled. This way, playing media and following it via translated subtitles provides an extra level of accessibility.

SyncWords’ Contextual Machine Translation Supports Pre-Recorded and Live Content

With SyncWords’ next-gen CMT, machine translation can be applied to both on-demand (pre-recorded) and live content, leveraging SyncWords solutions. SyncWords Live helps organizations do just that by providing an intuitive and advanced tool to easily deliver real-time captions to virtual event platforms. SyncWords’ accuracy in captions and real-time translation features speak directly to its core value of championing diversity and inclusion in meetings.

Whether live or pre-recorded, SyncWords’ contextual machine translation engine significantly improves the quality of translated output, reaching up to 95% accuracy levels compared to other engines. Made possible with the AI trained to consider various contextual aspects such as topic, tone, narration, human emotions, users can power their pre-recorded content with captions and subtitles, thus providing easy access to their content while being compliant with state and local accessibility regulations. When working with live content, large volumes of media can be translated at a fraction of the cost, leading to significant improvements in workflows and processes for content generators and organizations.

On-demand contextual machine translation also allows for advanced capabilities to collaborate with teams working on specific translations or projects, leading to greater optimization of time and simplification of processes between business units or within organization as a whole. With our robust API, handling even large volumes of video content is no longer a burden. SyncWords’ proprietary technologies always consider interdependencies in AI, which is where SyncWords’ custom translation glossaries factor into the AI of contextual machine translation. This level of fine-tuning is what defines SyncWords’ innovation in the world of captioning and sets it apart from the rest. For more information on SyncWords’ Contextual Machine Translation, visit this page. To find out all about the latest from Team SyncWords, bookmark the SyncWords blog.

About SyncWords

Since 2000, SyncWords has been the trusted leader in closed captioning and translations for virtual events, providing a comprehensive platform and services for both Live and Pre-recorded delivery of captions and subtitles in 100+ languages. With integrations on Zoom, Webex Events, Hopin, PheedLoop, and many more platforms, SyncWords is captioning and translating thousands of virtual meetings and broadcasts worldwide. Further, SyncWords’ caption automation technology powers thousands of hours of captions and subtitles for broadcasters and OTT platforms.

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