SwyftOps and Home Care Business Advisors Announce Relationship

WICHITA, Kan., Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Home Care Business Advisors (HCBA), a professional resource for a growing consortium of more than 1700 agencies, recently selected SwyftOps as its preferred provider of homecare operating systems. A homecare operating system is an essential tool for any agency as it scales. It is the repository for all employee, client, payer, and scheduling data and handles the multiple and complex interactions between those elements. Said HCBA CEO Yvette Aitkens, "For our affiliated agency owners, SwyftOps was an easy choice based on its state-of-the-art feature set, scalability from start-ups to large firms, around-the-clock support, affordability, and capabilities that are both robust and user-friendly." When suitable, HCBA will recommend SwyftOps as a potential software solution and SwyftOps will refer agency owners to HCBA for business coaching and other services.

SwyftOps CEO Bruce Berglind stated, "We are proud to be associated with Yvette, who brings an exemplary level of professionalism and experience to our industry. We share a common desire to help others level-up their businesses and have a common aptitude to do just that." SwyftOps meets an industry need for software with unparalleled operational simplicity, speed, and security. 

SwyftOps COO Chris Trempe added, "Home Care Business Advisors appreciated our ability to deliver a world-class product along with training and support that is customizable to the needs of both new and seasoned operators. This fits well with the coaching and supportive model that Yvette and her team provides."

Home Care Business Advisors (www.HomeCareBusinessAdvisors.com) supports business owners across the country, with its business operations based in both South Carolina and New Jersey. HCBA provides professional coaching on the basic principles necessary to start a home care business with efficiency and productivity. Individuals gain a broad understanding of business structure in a 3-phase process that includes a competitive business plan, a recruitment strategy, the branding and marketing process, local and state licensing, and building and retaining lasting client relationships. HCBA also coaches business owners to evaluate their operational efficiency, to gauge whether systems are of a high standard, and to retain staffing that is consistent and effectively engaged with clients and industry professionals.

Aegle Technologies dba SwyftOps (www.SwyftOps.com) was founded in 2019 in Wichita, Kansas by homecare veterans with 65+ years’ experience. Via its software solutions, agencies large and small are empowered to streamline processes, manage data dynamically, and make enhance operations. A homecare operating system is an essential and central element of any significant agency – like a cash register in a retail setting … but so much more. SwyftOps is an EVV-compliant timekeeping and privacy-assured communication tool. It’s an FLSA-compliant gross payroll calculator, and an invoice generator for both simple and complex billing scenarios. It’s a mini-CRM for early business development. It’s both the origin of and destination for assessments and care plans, for care notes, and a permanent document archive. 

Contact: Chris Trempe