Sunsetted Mobile Platform Leads to Digital Overhaul at Tacoma Longshoremen Credit Union

PORTLAND, Ore. , April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With only 3,300 members, $129 million in assets, a very limited field of membership and a moderate product mix, Tacoma Longshoremen Credit Union deliberately looks to offer products that supplement their members’ primary financial institution. The credit union got along fine using an online banking system provided by its ESP core processor and Co-op’s Sprig mobile system. However, with Sprig being sunsetted at the end of this month, CEO Mark Merriman knows it’s time for a change. After reviewing his options, it became clear that Tyfone is his best choice.

"Two things attracted me to Tyfone," said Merriman. "First, a number of my peers who use ESP for core have already switched to Tyfone, so I know their system works with my core. But even more important than that, Tyfone has made its system scalable so that even a credit union of our size can afford it." He said he looked at many vendors, but most had minimums that put cutting-edge technology out of reach.

"Great digital banking technology should not be the sole domain of larger institutions," said Dr. Siva Narendra, Tyfone’s CEO. "Smaller institutions play an important role in our communities, so we’re very pleased that we’re able to bring a great member experience to Tacoma Longshoremen Credit Union."

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