Starboard and University of Louisville Team Up to Introduce High School Students to Supply Chain Design

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Starboard Solutions Corp, the leading innovator in Supply Chain Design software collaborated with the University of Louisville’s Logistics and Distribution Institute (LoDI) to create an interactive project that would be used in Kentucky Student Technology Association (KYTSA) Competition at the regional (Louisville) and State level.  Students were tasked with solving a case study for an electronics company.  In the study they explored how to balance logistics costs, satisfactory service level and increased demands of their supply chain.  Teams were formed from schools across the state and three finalists presented their papers at the KYTSA’s annual conference.  The winner was Justin Huang of Dupont Manual High School with Jackson Bower and Hewitt Lessenberry of Glasgow High School coming in second.  Jacob Weiss of J. Hardin High School won the Creativity Award.

Starboard donated subscriptions of its Navigator tool and students were able to use it to perform actual supply chain design.  They looked at different sourcing and distribution pattern and presented their best network configurations.  Starboard was chosen as being both a cutting-edge network design tool and one with a clear and simple training path.  Students followed a 27-minute tutorial and were ready to design.

Dr. Lihui Bai of LoDI created the case study contest and said, "Having worked with Starboard’s Navigator tool to be integrated into one of my graduate-level course projects, I was familiar with the ease of use and the interactive and informative report charts of the Navigator system. I was also impressed with the company’s genuine commitment to education. When I approached Steve about the Kentucky High School Logistics Case Competition, his enthusiastic response confirmed that Starboard would be a wonderful educational partner. Students found the tutorial to be very helpful in navigating and using the software to design their recommended solutions. Students feel pretty cool that they can design a well-justified and robust supply chain network themselves with the assistance of Navigator."

"Given the shortage of talent in supply chain and the need for smart young people, I am inspired to see programs starting at the high school level.  I was so pleased to be part of this program and to encourage teenagers to start thinking about supply chain as an exciting and fun career choice," said Steve Johanson, President of Starboard Solutions Corp.

Starboard supports numerous academic programs with access to its network design service.  Universities use Starboard’s Navigator platform in supply chain courses, research studies, and student projects.  Hundreds of students learn network design on Starboard’s platform each year.

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Starboard helps supply chain leaders make strategic decisions about their current and future logistics networks.  Combining a modern, server-less architecture with gaming technology, Starboard’s Navigator platform is the super-simple/super-fast way to visualize supply chain models, ask what if questions, and iterate towards a best solution. With over 75 customer companies across the globe and nearly 2000 users, Starboard is the fastest growing Supply Chain Design Platform and the most current technology available in the market.

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