SparkPost and Abusix Expand Partnership to Strengthen Email Deliverability

COLUMBIA, Md., Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SparkPost, the world’s largest email sending and deliverability platform delivering nearly 40% of the world’s email, today announced the expansion of its partnership with Abusix, the leading network security provider focused on email threat protection and network security, to include the use of SparkPost’s Reputable Sender List as an additional means of determining sender reputation, offering senders additional support in email deliverability and inbox placement for commercial email. With a 40% year-over-year commercial email increase between 2019 and 2020, email marketers are facing mounting challenges to ensure messages are delivered to the inbox. Using SparkPost’s email delivery mechanisms, coupled with Abusix’s email threat protection solution Abusix Mail Intelligence, enterprises can send with greater confidence and improve email marketing campaign performance.

Abusix protects the world’s premier providers from network abuse both large and small and is known specifically for its strengths in reliable email intelligence and abuse management. The company is trusted by hundreds of brands globally, including Vodafone, a leading technology communications company in Europe and Africa; KPN, a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company; and Swisscom, the leading provider of communication, IT and entertainment in Switzerland.

“We work tirelessly to prevent spam, malware and other threats from our customers’ mailboxes and networks.” said Steve Freegard, Senior Product Owner at Abusix.  “Expanding our work with SparkPost ensures that we avoid any potential false positives from their vetted Reputable Senders.”

SparkPost’s Reputable Sender Accreditation ensures intended email messages have the best chance at being delivered to the inbox and that email recipients can trust the information received is vetted and reputable. The accreditation is consistently the most effective and cost-efficient program in the industry to help legitimate, best-practice senders achieve maximum inbox placement. It dives deep into infrastructure, policy/practices, domain and IP performance to meet SparkPost’s high deliverability standards.

“Growing our combined capabilities instills higher confidence in overall messaging, for both the sender and the recipient,” said Chris Adams, Vice President of Product at SparkPost. “By leveraging our expertise in best sending practices and combining it with Abusix’s trusted network security solutions, we are improving the overall email experience for both senders and recipients.”

About Abusix
Abusix provides the missing piece in today’s network security environment that allows for quick and reliable mitigation of network abuse and other cyber threats. Hundreds of ISPs, Telcos, Cloud & Hosting providers, and Enterprises rely on Abusix to keep their networks secure and their users safe.

About SparkPost
SparkPost is the industry’s most trusted email sending and deliverability platform. We help the world’s largest enterprise-level senders reliably reach the inbox, with powerful solutions to help them plan, execute and optimize their email programs. Not only are we the world’s largest sender – delivering 40% of all commercial email – but we also have the world’s largest data footprint to help enterprise brands make data-driven decisions to optimize their email programs. And with a team of experts to guide on everything from strategy to implementation to optimization, it’s no wonder we’re trusted by The New York Times, Oracle, Salesforce, Zillow, Pinterest and many more to elevate their email.

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Carol Tong, PR for SparkPost

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