SmartSimple Officially Launches the SmartSimple Cloud Certification Program

TORONTO, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SmartSimple Software Inc., the developer of SmartSimple Cloud, a configurable automation and collaboration platform for grant management and other critical operational processes, announced today the official launch of the SmartSimple Cloud Certification Program.

Launching November 1, the certification program will offer two professional designations, SmartSimple Cloud Certified System Administrator (SCCSA) and SmartSimple Cloud Certified Configuration Specialist (SCCCS).

SmartSimple Cloud has become the preferred process automation platform for many of the world’s foundations, global enterprises, government agencies, and NGOs. The SmartSimple Cloud Certification Program aims to create a pool of certified professionals capable of supporting the growing needs of the global client base. Finding individuals well-versed in the platform’s technical aspects has increased, driving the market for credentialed professionals with SmartSimple Cloud knowledge.

The SmartSimple Cloud Certification Program is really about empowering our community. We believe in democratizing knowledge, especially when it comes to knowledge of SmartSimple Cloud. Putting this knowledge into the hands of our clients ensures that the people who can really make a difference are doing so by learning how to leverage the full functionality of their SmartSimple Cloud system.” – Mike Reid, Co-founder & COO SmartSimple Software

The two certifications cover areas of knowledge in high demand, user administration, and platform configuration. The SmartSimple Cloud Certified System Administrator (SCCSA) is ideal for Global System Administrators who handle the day-to-day system administration for the users within their community. The SmartSimple Cloud Certified Configuration Specialist (SCCCS) is ideal for Global System Administrators who will configure a system from the ground up for other organizations.

For operational managers, quickly identifying SmartSimple Cloud knowledgeable individuals can reduce hiring times and ensures the acquisition of individuals who can implement their team’s vision.

For partners, having existing staff accredited and hiring individuals with SmartSimple Cloud certifications can help elevate their businesses by instilling confidence in prospective clients that their team has demonstrated SmartSimple Cloud knowledge.

A SmartSimple designation can be a valuable credential that individuals can add to their list of qualifications. For individuals planning to certify but are looking for additional training resources, SmartSimple alliance partner reSolved offers the first learning path to support certification through their reSolved University program. Details about available training programs can be found in the SmartSimple Marketplace.

More details about the SmartSimple Certification program can be found on the certification web page.

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