SIZE Launches Amid Pandemic

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A dynamic group of experienced executives unite to form Size, a full-service advisory group focused on addressing the shifting needs of growth stage companies during a time of radical disruption. The team, led by co-founders Brian Schwartz, Craig Kornblau, Alex Matthews and Jim Winett have more than 100 years of combined experience with businesses in almost every industry, with emphasis in consumer, technology, media and entertainment, retail, health and fitness and automotive.

“We believe growth stage companies need help to scale that unfortunately they can neither afford nor get from their primary investors. We’ve come together to help drive their growth and deliver enterprise value,” said Brian Schwartz, co-founder, Size. “With businesses deeply impacted by COVID-19, our team brings a more nimble approach by helping companies solve their most pressing issues, offering deployment as a full team or ‘a la carte’ services.” 

Size takes a hands-on approach to solving problems around business strategy, revenue acceleration, brand and creative development, public relations, marketing, executive recruitment, organizational development and fundraising. Size Capital, a sister company, will invest in promising Size clients and will acquire companies with the potential to prosper.

“Growing your business in normal times is difficult. Growing a company during a global pandemic is unprecedented. From managing cash flow to refining strategy, hiring people, establishing a culture and raising capital, all while staying on track along the way to hit your company goals, it’s not easy,” said Schwartz.

As a result of COVID-19, established companies have been forced to shutter while others generate significant unexpected profits and face the prospect of mindful expansion. The Size team provides strategic evaluation and planning, and then aggressively helps implement viable solutions that enable companies to execute rapidly and be more responsive to the needs of their customers.

“I’ve been astonished by the dichotomy of business performance due to the pandemic. On one hand, we are aggressively advising companies to scale and maximize their unexpected and unprecedented growth, and on the other hand, we work closely with enterprises to reimagine and rebuild their existing businesses to remain relevant and competitive,” said Craig Kornblau, co-founder, Size.

Size has accumulated a client roster of venture-backed retail and marketing technology companies like Ad Results Media, Bridg, Dormify, Drop, Perch Interactive, Prospect Point Media and Salesfloor. Current projects include business development, strategic and financial planning for a digitally native retailer and marketing services for several consumer-packaged goods companies.

“I was referred to SIZE by our investors at Shamrock Capital Advisors and have been impressed by how fast, meaningful, collaborative and committed the team has been to our business. They have quickly delivered tangible value to our company and continue to advise us on various aspects of our business,” said Russell Lindley, president and partner, Ad Results Media.

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