SingleComm Leverages Artificial Intelligence to Amplify Human Performance and Increase Customer Satisfaction

RICHMOND, Va., March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SingleComm, the most powerful, affordable CCaaS solution available, is designing customized solutions that leverage industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) tools while maintaining an authentic human touch. 

"We’ve always provided our clients with advanced technologies, whether that’s IVR or drag-and-drop workflows, and we’re currently designing AI solutions that can be real-game changers for building efficiencies into staffing," says Michael Puccinelli, CEO and founder of SingleComm. "Like any other tool, AI should be viewed as something that can improve the performance of the humans on your team rather than something that replaces them altogether. Our solutions do just that."

SingleComm’s approach to AI is aimed at increasing productivity by enhancing the skills of contact center representatives. Machine learning continues to make strides that were unimaginable just a few years ago, but AI programs only perform the functions they are designed to perform. In other words, tech shouldn’t be perceived as something that can take over a contact center; it should be leveraged to make contact centers more efficient. It should also be customized to best meet a client’s specific needs.

SingleComm’s AI solutions streamline processes and tasks to improve efficiencies and free up teams to focus on exceptional customer service. Benefits include:

Personalization – SingleComm’s AI can tailor the customer experience based on information the platform has learned about the caller and his/her needs and attributes.

AI-Based Customer Routing – The ability to match customers with the best resource or agent increases contact center efficiency while saving the customer’s time.

Chatbots and Conversational Assistants – These tools interact with customers by text or voice, taking care of simple and/or repetitive issues. When utilized correctly, these tools free up contact center representatives to focus on more complex assistance needs.

Workforce Management – SingleComm’s software has data analysis capabilities that help predict when agents and resources are needed.

Post Call Wrap-Up – AI helps representatives enter call-action summaries and wrap-up codes. This limits the valuable time that representatives use to spend on "busy work."

Pucinelli adds, "Now more than ever, it is critical that contact centers be prepared to deliver immediate assistance around the clock. Our tight labor market has increased the degree of difficulty surrounding this deliverable. AI can significantly improve call center readiness, and we believe these technologies should work in concert with representatives, amplifying their skills while providing customers the human touch they expect and want."

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