Sencha Launches GRUI – Delivering the Depth and Complexity of the Feature-Heavy Ext JS Grid in a Slick, Modern, Easy-to-Develop React Application

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sencha officially announced the release of its latest enterprise solution for the React UI: GRUI. Rebuilding the Ext JS grid from the ground up, GRUI uses modern JavaScript, providing a whole new architecture and over 100 data features and offering the powerful attributes that users have come to expect from React while delivering a more enhanced performance — and all in the easy-to-use React API. Crunching through massive amounts of data within milliseconds, GRUI comes with incredibly fast data processing, along with nearly seamless integration and onboard documentation demos intended to teach users as they move through the GRUI learning process. GRUI is offered as a free trial and a single-payment developer package.

Sencha GRUI: High-Performance Grids for React Applications

Handling millions of records at once, with a large feature set and full customization control, GRUI is equipped with data export capabilities (csv, tsv, html, pdf, xls) and is pretested to ensure it works across a wide range of platforms and browsers, with easy UI component integration to the grid. Other significant features of GRUI include:

  • Virtual Columns: Virtual rendering of rows and columns; rendering of visible columns even if configuring an unlimited number of columns, equaling a significant performance increase for applications that require a large number of columns. 
  • Infinite Scrolling: Using a Virtual Store to create and manage active range record and monitoring the scrolling in the grid, users can refresh the view rows from the page cache as needed.
  • Slider Paging Toolbar: Specialized paging toolbar allows users to paginate forward and backward in the record sets using slider buttons and input fields.
  • Column Drag and Drop: Users can reorder columns with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Column Editors: Each column type has its own editor; users can also create custom editors using React components as needed.
  • Extensive Documentation: All documentation tools built with Sencha GRUI are designed as interactive demos, allowing users to see exactly how the process works as they learn to use it. 

"GRUI offers quick integration with easy customization and massive data loading with no additional plugins required," said Sencha developers. "GRUI also has a smaller footprint and payload than other grid solutions, ensuring that mission-critical apps perform optimally. And with little friction and simple onboarding, GRUI’s custom layouts and React integrations will continue to give React users an unmatched experience."

GRUI software packages are priced on a per-developer basis in a simple and transparent way, with a flat $499 giving developers a perpetual license, unlimited end users and products, and a year of updates and tech support. A free plan offers all of the same features and benefits, simply requiring the use of an attribution watermark. Users can try the demo or sign up online for a free 30-day trial of GRUI.

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