SaaS Awards Shortlist Shows 2022 Trends; What Judges Expect from Finalists

NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 2022 SaaS Awards concluded its SaaS Awards shortlist this month. As well as assessing some clear industry trends, the judges are now deliberating what SaaS solutions should make it to the finalist stage, which will be announced on 23 August.

Categories with the highest level of competition include ‘Best SaaS Product for Sales and Marketing,’ ‘Best Security Innovation for B2B – Enterprise Level,’ ‘Best SaaS Product for Healthcare,’ and ‘Best SaaS for Productivity’ category, which had 20% more organizations make the shortlist in comparison to last year.

SaaS Awards Head of Operations James Williams said: "I am pleased to see such healthy competition across so many key business verticals.

"This year’s shortlisted applications were thorough, insightful and focused on areas of business that may have been historically under-served.

"Healthcare, security, and many other sectors have been successfully represented this year by eminent disruptors and well-established names.

"Shortlisted candidates from a variety of industries demonstrated a laser-sharp focus on customer satisfaction and a visionary approach to realizing the effectiveness of elegant solutions to complex business needs.

"These achievements prove a considerable part of SaaS development lies outside the tech industry, becoming more essential in almost every industry.

"With such remarkable SaaS, the judges are now onto a next-to-impossible mission of deliberating the finalists. Therefore, if attentive market research and strong customer support were encouraged in the shortlist stage, they are now expected from the finalists.

"Candidates who will make it to the next stage must truly impress the panel of judges with cutting-edge solutions that not only aim for but achieve unprecedented advances both in their respective industries and the SaaS industry."

Judge Annabelle Whittall said: "Assessing clients’ needs and the pre-existing environment in order to build a solution that is scalable and optimized is something imperative for a truly innovative solution."

Judge Christopher Southall added: "Overall, scalability, real-time data insights, data cleansing and collaboration functionalities are what I am looking for in really impressive and market-leading solutions which are worthy of recognition.

"Addressing business needs and delivering a comprehensive product that stands out from the rest is expected from finalists."

The 2022 SaaS Awards finalists will be announced on 23 August 2022, and its sister program, The Cloud Awards for Cloud Computing, will soon accept submissions for a new 2022-23 program.

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