Reevert Unveils Advanced Tools to Enhance Network Security and Efficiency for Remote Workforces

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As widespread remote working places unprecedented strain on IT networks, reevert, an intelligent hybrid data backup and storage solution, announces powerful new features to help managers keep systems operating safely and efficiently. Designed to ITAR standards for defense contractors, reevert’s new tools provide the highest level of protection against data loss and threats such as ransomware, which can cost companies millions of dollars in payments and lost productivity.

reevert stores, secures and backs up the data of high-profile organizations, including the Rose Bowl stadium and financial service and healthcare companies that require sophisticated security protocols. reevert’s clients can now benefit from features that include a new monitoring system that provides detailed information on any computer in a network and alerts IT managers to issues before they escalate. Also, an intuitive new secure VPN system protects devices when staff are working on unsecured personal WiFi, while back-end improvements enhance data upload speeds on slower home networks. 

Ara Aslanian, co-founder and CEO of reevert, said the company had accelerated development and deployment of these new capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of network managers and the growing list of cybersecurity threats caused by remote working.

“Companies know that their data is a competitive advantage and work hard to secure it,” said Aslanian. “But the switch to remote working happened so suddenly that many firms had little time to prepare their networks. These upgrades will enable customers to protect themselves from cybercriminals trying to exploit vulnerabilities in remote workforces and help them maintain the integrity of the data on which their businesses depend.”

reevert highlights:

  • System Monitoring Center – an addition that provides detailed information about any computer on a network and adds alarms to monitor specific metrics including CPU, memory and disk usage. The System Monitoring Center also helps managers visualize system performance trends by offering metrics graphs – all without purchasing any new licenses, pushing any new agents or installing anything.
  • Native VPN Server Support – an easy-to-install VPN system for hosted data and staff computers. The VPN service is fully integrated and supported on Windows, Linux, Unix and macOS.
  • Updated Cloud Control Panel – improvements that considerably boost performance, with a fresh design and significantly expanded backup policy and data-storage management capabilities.
  • reevert Direct Cloud – updated to make it easier to deploy reevert virtual appliances on Amazon Web Services cloud via AWS Marketplace, with a CloudFormation template that includes automation for a quick setup.
  • Updated Image Backup System – enhancements to improve resilience when encountering connectivity issues and add extra monitoring metrics to trigger alarms and automatically make complete backups when errors are detected.
  • Backup-sets System Enhancements – upgraded to boost performance and expand support of the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) family of operating systems.
  • Updated Cloud Upload Queue System – improvements that help the system handle locations with slower internet connectivity.
  • Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Support – added Backblaze as a cloud storage provider after its implementation of S3 API compatibility.

A complete list of upgrades and more information is available here. The enhancements are available immediately to reevert customers and on Amazon Marketplace.

About reevert:
reevert is an intelligent hybrid backup and storage solution, designed from the ground up specifically to protect businesses against ransomware and data loss. It features fast hourly snapshots, safeguards your data and backups, and allows quick recovery. reevert can image servers and computers, protect network shares and local files, and offers offsite cloud data backups.

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