Raydiant Partners with Tyme to Offer Brick and Mortars a Customizable Self-Service Kiosk for Creating Their Own In-Store Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Top-rated digital signage and experience platform provider Raydiant is announcing a strategic partnership with self-service kiosk provider, Tyme, to better meet the needs of their brick-and-mortar customers. Self-service kiosks improve the shopping and dining experience by helping customers learn about products and services, find the products they need, place an order and pay — all in a convenient, interactive environment. Raydiant customers can now enjoy this extra level of customer service inside their stores, restaurants, hotels and other customer-facing businesses. Kiosks can be customized as interactive marketing displays, self-service ordering and checkout kiosks or both — switching between the two functionalities as desired.

Weighing in on what this partnership means for their customer base, Raydiant CEO Bobby Marhamat says Tyme kiosks are an essential part of what it means to do business today. "Our goal is to consistently expand our platform to offer an unparalleled usability that keeps our customers competitive in the marketplace," says Marhamat. "Tyme delivers on all fronts: it gives brick and mortars a way to engage with in-location customers at a whole other level—one that provides personalized customer service in a virtual environment. And this integration offers that extra level of functionality, since kiosks can be customized to match the needs of the business and customer base. For example, customers can learn about your products in an exciting, self-guided environment, or place their order and pay on a self-service kiosk — or all of the above."

Tyme COO Omar Boukottaya shares Marhamat’s excitement for the partnership, saying: "This is an excellent opportunity for two forward-thinking businesses to come together and support the brick and mortar businesses in our community with the technology they need to serve today’s customers. At a time where in-location services can make or break a business, Tyme and Raydiant are providing businesses the edge they need to survive — and thrive."

Raydiant customers can enjoy the interactive Tyme platform via a Raydiant-enabled touchscreen, or a floor-standing or countertop kiosk provided by Raydiant. The Tyme app is integrated into Raydiant’s In-Location Experience Platform and can be accessed straight from the Raydiant dashboard. To learn more, visit raydiant.com.

About Raydiant
Raydiant’s Experience Management Platform enables organizations to build strong, long-lasting relationships with their employees and customers by helping them create memorable, interactive experiences both in-location and in the workplace. Their easy-to-use, plug-and-play, cloud-based solution empowers Raydiant customers to create, manage and scale experiences across 1 or 100,000 locations anytime, anywhere. Founded in April 2017, Raydiant is backed by notable investors, including Bloomberg Beta, Lerer Hippeau, Transmedia Capital, 8VC, Atomic Ventures and Ron Conway.

About Tyme Commerce
Tyme Commerce is a personalized, omni-channel end-to-end food platform that customizes the world around you to your likes and preferences with AI-driven solutions for consumers and restaurateurs alike.

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