Radiology Ltd. Elevates Its Operational Excellence by Deploying Royal Enterprise Care

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Radiology Ltd. has taken patient and provider engagement to the next level by deploying Royal Enterprise Care™, a complete application stack designed to engage the patient and provider throughout the entire radiology workflow. The web-based platform streamlines ordering, medical records, scheduling, check-in, scan, read and report distribution workflows, ensuring that information captured at any point in the workflow is retained and disseminated across the care stream. Information captured from the referrer’s order and the patient portal during scheduling & pre-registration, propagates to the check-in and clinical workflows resulting in a reduced check-in and wait times. Patients can self-schedule all exam types, regardless of complexity, a frontier in self-scheduling not otherwise available with other software on the market. Ordering providers receive status updates throughout the progression of the exam enhancing visibility and communication. The staff enjoy a paperless workflow that drives attention toward the patient care through elimination of administrative processing work. Alongside immeasurable value to the patient’s care, the outcome is a highly efficient clinic that can handle an increase in business safely.

"Radiology Ltd. has been adding pieces of the Royal solution for a decade and with the addition of Royal Enterprise Care we have now completed the care continuum in a single system. This accomplishment required more than seven separate systems prior to Royal. With the advanced decision tree that Radiology Ltd. and Royal built together, we have significantly shortened the time necessary to get the right patient scheduled with the right exam, and at the right location.  Because of this innovation patients now have the option of truly scheduling their own exam electronically without ever calling into our scheduling department or getting a call back. Even after many years of working with Royal, they continue to be a trusted technology partner. Royal is there to make sure our business is protected," says Ron Cornett, Director of Information Technology at Radiology Ltd., a division of US Radiology Specialists.

"Enterprise Care Management from Royal offers a suite of complimentary functionality that is allowing Radiology Ltd. to maximize its technology pathway and vision to improve patient access, improve collections, offer premium referring physician services, and address long standing inefficiencies in scheduling and medical records workflows. We worked closely with Radiology Limited to carefully craft a solution that realizes improved quality of care and efficiency gains in every aspect of the value stream, helping them maintain their visionary leadership position as the premier radiology group in Pima County, Arizona," says Peter Nassif, Chief Executive at Royal Health, Inc.

About Radiology Ltd., Tucson, Arizona
As Tucson’s hometown radiology practice, Radiology Ltd. provides world-class imaging services to improve the health of all southern Arizonans. Patients are greeted by Guest Services Representatives, who answer any questions and help them feel more comfortable about their visit.  The radiology technologists are knowledgeable and compassionate, always paying the utmost attention to patient comfort and safety. The board-certified physicians are sub-specialty trained and available 24/7, providing fast and accurate reports to help determine the most effective patient treatment.

Radiology Ltd. has 11 convenient locations, all accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) to ensure the highest level of image quality, patient care, and safety. The practice provides comprehensive outpatient imaging services, including interventional radiology procedures, open MRI options for claustrophobic patients, a Clinical Review team to help ensure correct exam protocols and minimize rescheduling, and sedation services for claustrophobic or anxious patients.

About Royal Solutions Group, White Plains, NY
Royal, headquartered in White Plains, NY, is a leading provider of software and services to the health care industry. Together with its software firm, Royal Health, Inc. its payments firm, RoyalPay, Inc. and its services firm, Royal Concierge, Inc., Royal delivers a seamless suite of solutions that is focused on patient, provider and operational workflows, optimizing engagement in all areas of a patient care cycle.

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