Platinum CCTV Announces Ability to Search Video Based on License Plates in their AVM Security Camera Software

WARRENVILLE, Ill., June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Platinum CCTV ( has announced release of their newest version AVM and CMS4 software which now allows searching of video by vehicle license plates. This new searching capability allows business owners to quickly search for specific vehicles with their security cameras, making finding important data and video about clients as well as vandals even easier. This new feature for our AVM (Advanced Video Management) security camera platform works with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reading) cameras like our HD-LPR2 ANPR License Plate Capture Camera as well as with any standard security camera when used with our optional separate NumberOk software license.

"Our new LPR/ANPR features work with our latest generation HD-LPR2 cameras, as well as any standard camera when used with NumberOk ANPR software," said Michael Dunteman, CEO of Platinum CCTV. "This makes it possible for even small businesses to access data in the same way law enforcement agencies have been able to. Now a small business owner can instantly search through video to find the last time a customer pulled into their lot, or search to see if a vehicle has ever driven through previously to scope the place out. This is just the latest way that our customers can use their security camera systems in ways they had never dreamed about."

This new License Plate search feature extends the previous capabilities of our AVM and CMS4 security camera software, allowing even existing clients to keep expanding the functionality and capabilities of their systems. For existing Platinum CCTV AVM clients, there is no charge for the upgrade to their AVM software. Simply upgrade the IP camera software on your NVR, then add in a compatible ANPR/LPR camera or a separate NumberOk software license to begin reading license plates on their security cameras. Each license plate is stored in a database, along with a picture of the plate for fast visual comparison. The searchable database instantly references the video from the recognized plate, allowing clients to simply click on an occurrence of a license plate to instantly playback the video that triggered that event from their security cameras. 

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