Platinum CCTV Announces Ability to Search Security Camera Video and Receive Alerts Based on AI Person and Vehicle Events in AVM NVRs And NVR Software

WARRENVILLE, Ill., June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Platinum CCTV ( has announced release of their new version AVM and CMS4 NVRs and NVR software now supporting searching for vehicles and people in video. This new VCA (Video Content Analysis) support for A.I. cameras allow our clients to quickly search through security camera footage from supported IP cameras for a person or a vehicle that has crossed through the view of the security camera, allowing extremely fast searching for video that really matters. Text or email alerts can also be initiated based on time and date of an event that is triggered by an A.I. IP security camera with VCA events.

"The VCA Video Content Analysis support in our AVM and CMS4 software really serves to extend the capabilities of our clients security camera systems," said Michael Dunteman, CEO of Platinum CCTV. "Home and business owners really want to be able to search and receive text or email alerts for specific events that occur on their security cameras. Now with the enhancement of our software to work with the artificial intelligence that is built into our 8th generation IP cameras, security camera system owners can do exactly that. Jump directly to every time a person or vehicle was entering your property, allowing you to see just the video that matters, or better yet receive a text message when a person or vehicle enters your property after hours so you can watch and respond."

VCA text and email alerts can now also be configured in the AVM and CMS4 software, meaning that the security camera artificial intelligence can send proactive alerts to users with very low false alerts. The deep learning A.I. in many security cameras can identify to a much greater accuracy when the motion on the screen is caused by a vehicle, person or other events. This helps to ensure that alerts that are sent by the AVM system are representing only the motion that a business owner wants to know about. Many property owners will set these alerts for if a person is wandering around outside their business after hours, to proactively inform them of the activity so that they can respond appropriately. Proactive alerts allow security camera systems to go beyond just providing evidence after an event occurs, instead informing system owners when they need to be watching.

The new VCA searching capability in the AVM and CMS4 software means that clients can instantly scan through video to find just the video that is desired. IP Security cameras have been increasing their A.I. capabilities for years, providing better ability to learn their scenes and determine the difference between people, vehicles and other motion on the screen. However, the camera is just a single component in the system, if the NVR software or NVR does not properly support this feature, then the functionality is not worthwhile to the end user. Our AVM NVR software works with the full capabilities of AI powered security cameras to make this video readily available to the end users. 

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