Planswell to Offer Financial Planning Software to Advisors for Free

TORONTO, Dec 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Planswell, the financial planning engine offering free, personalized financial plans to consumers in under three minutes, today announced it will offer its advanced financial planning software to financial advisors in the US and Canada at no charge. Financial advisors will be able to leverage Planswell’s client-led financial planning software, previously priced at $199 per month, by simply getting a free account at

"Our mission has always been to make the world’s most actionable financial planning experience accessible to everyone," said Eric Arnold, CEO. "We’ve been working to remove the traditional barriers that made quality financial advice a luxury, and to reshape the industry. Putting the best tools in the hands of qualified advisors is a monumental step in that direction."

After investing upwards of $20 million to build its unique client-led planning engine, Planswell launched a B2B offering for advisors in April 2020, pricing its software in line with others in the market. Because the planning experience is designed to be initiated by the end user—the consumer—it turns client prospecting and onboarding on its head, says Arnold.  "We’ve built the fastest and most delightful plan-building experience for both sides of the market." 

In three minutes, the client can build a comprehensive financial plan from their mobile device—including mortgage, debt, investments, and cash flow considerations—which is immediately available to their advisor.  Accelerating meaningful conversations between clients and advisors opens up advisor capacity to serve more consumers, said Arnold.

In addition to Planswell’s proprietary financial planning software, the company provides highly rated training and support, a popular CRM, a unique plan-building link, peer leadership, and a robust library of self-guided resources—all now available to qualified advisors free of charge. Advisors accepting new clients will also be eligible to opt into Planswell’s client-matching service on a month-to-month basis to meet their growth goals.

About Planswell

Planswell is a free financial planning service that allows users to develop a financial plan through a series of questions in under five minutes. Planswell’s advisor partners receive training, software, and peer leadership, with the option to receive exclusive prospective clients within their state or province. Currently operating in the United States and Canada, Planswell has created over 400,000 free financial plans to date and served over 2,000 financial advisors.To learn more, visit

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