Piwik PRO Launches Free Version of Data Analytics Platform That Puts Privacy First

NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Piwik PRO, a customer journey analytics platform geared towards compliance, has launched its newest creation: the Piwik PRO Core plan, a completely free platform for both analytics professionals and novices. The Core plan helps organizations and marketing professionals analyze user journeys while also remaining compliant with data privacy laws.

"Data leaks and careless data collection in recent years have eroded the trust of far too many consumers when they are online—which is just about always," said Maciej Zawadziński, the founder and CEO of Piwik PRO. "Our feature-rich platform helps introduce and expand trust between those collecting data and those who own the data—the individual consumer."

Piwik PRO is positioned as a unique alternative to Google Analytics. The free version of GA accounts for 86 percent market share, but it comes with its limitations—which you can read about here.

Users of the Piwik PRO Core plan have access to a full set of data collection and reporting features, including tag management, user flow, multi-channel attribution, and more. With a simple and transparent business model, Piwik PRO is breaking barriers in data analytics by setting a privacy standard that its competitors lack. Core plan users are able to analyze the customer journey across a number of industries, including healthcare, government, and education.

As a result, more companies than ever have access to the consumer information needed for their development and promotional activities. The Piwik PRO Core plan helps organizations stay compliant with common data protection laws like GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA.

From data collection to consent management, Piwik PRO offers multiple privacy features which data teams can customize to fit their needs.

A commitment to data privacy

The Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is designed with responsible data collection and a commitment to privacy top of mind. It includes a Consent Manager that makes it straightforward for website visitors to gain control of their data. It is integrated with Piwik PRO’s Analytics and Tag Manager modules so data collection and the sharing of user data only happens with the proper consent.

Full control of collected data is also part of the Piwik PRO Core plan, with secure cloud hosting. Piwik PRO Core users will know where the collected data is stored. Piwik PRO will never share this data with anyone else or transfer it to a different location.

Refreshing transparency in a too-often mysterious industry

Piwik PRO is committed to a simple and transparent business model. Piwik PRO makes money by selling Enterprise plans, which have more modules, higher monthly actions limits, and hosting options that are not available in the Core plan. Piwik PRO pledges to never monetize data collected using its software.

Piwik PRO hails from Wroclaw, Poland, a hot startup hub in the region. The company has a presence in the U.S. with customers using the Enterprise plan and is now offering its free Piwik PRO Core solution to customers in the U.S. and worldwide after a successful beta launch in Europe in the fall.

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About Piwik PRO

Founded in 2013 in Poland, Piwik PRO has been recognized as one of the top analytics companies in Europe. Piwik PRO is a fast-growing analytics solution for users in the United States and around the world.

The company’s unique analytics platform helps marketers measure, analyze and improve the user experience at each step of a customer’s relationship with their organization, ensuring data privacy and security every step of the way. Hundreds of companies leverage Piwik PRO’s Analytics Suite and its Enterprise plan for fully customized web and product analytics. In 2022, the company introduced Piwik PRO Core, a forever-free analytics platform that focuses on data privacy. Thousands of users have signed on already.

To learn more about the company’s full suite of solutions, visit Piwik PRO.

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