Phonexa Racks Up Remarkable Series of High Ranks in G2 Spring 2022 Report

GLENDALE, Calif., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Marketing automation platform Phonexa maintained a strong showing in G2’s 2022 Spring Report, collecting multiple Leader, Momentum Leader, and High Performer honors, and racking up remarkable results across the Outbound Call Tracking, Inbound Call Tracking, and Affiliate Marketing categories. 

Not only did the all-in-one suite for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and accounting maintain its ability to resonate with users across diverse business models, but the company was also named as the No. 8 favorite inbound call tracking solution from a pool of 117 other competing options.

Phonexa also beat its own record for the average time to take users live with its software from 10 days last quarter to 8.8 days this time around. The industry average is 18.8 days. 

G2 is the largest software marketplace that runs quarterly reports to provide in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of software solutions for businesses. To qualify for the call tracking categories, a product must generate unique numbers for digital marketing campaigns, and it must track the calls and attribute data coming from these call campaigns.

Phonexa’s Onboarding and Support Is First-Class

Since joining G2 in 2019, Phonexa has bested its previous client reviews and records year-over-year, gaining incredible satisfaction rates across categories like Best Support, Highest User Adoption, Easiest to Do Business With, Users Most Likely to Recommend, and more.

"We’re grateful to our clients who go to work every day with the mindset that they’re going to make a change in their industries, and they do so by using Phonexa. When they come to us with their needs and pain points, we strategically brainstorm solutions that work for them," said Mohd Abbas, Phonexa’s Vice President of Onboarding and Customer Success. "Our users inspire us to create out-of-the-box solutions for everyone to use." 

Phonexa’s high ranks were made possible due to the glistening reviews of its clients throughout the last quarter. 

"Phonexa is ready to use straight away and has a ton of built-in functionality to help get you set up right away. From existing integrations to pre-built JavaScript forms, it’s full featured but easy to use. With [them], we’re able to operate a Ping Tree [for calls lead generation] with ease and have full control over the data. This keeps a relatively complicated process nice and straightforward." — Ricky May, Lead Generation Director at Monetise, performance marketing network in the United Kingdom

"I’ve used many systems in the last 10 years, with Phonexa being the best by far. It has a simple, easy-to-use front end while having many in-depth features. I have never heard ‘it’s not possible’ from Phonexa, and their team is always ready to come up with a solution to any issue." — Seb Powdrill, Director at Digivio Media Limited

"Phonexa is a true 360-degree solution for my business. It offers everything that I could need, and more. From integration to launch, the software has been faultless and the team behind Phonexa has been exceptional." — Gary Tatham, Director at Warwick Financial Services Ltd.

Phonexa Fosters More Growth

G2 reviewers and Phonexa users love the platform’s call tracking and distribution product Call Logic, but reviews also showed significant appreciation for other features like the company’s Ping Tree functionality, E-Delivery, an email and SMS marketing product, as well as automated accounting with Books360, and more.

Phonexa secured its innovative leadership in the industry by pushing its Ping Post Calls 2.0 function into second gear in order to improve processes for inbound and outbound call-focused businesses. 

"We remain close to our roots of building cutting-edge technology that is easy to use and is in constant evolution," said Liana Tonoyan, Phonexa’s Chief Information Officer. "We are constantly adding new features and functionalities to our suite of products to cover all aspects of our clients’ marketing demands. More products and dynamic integrations are on its way to further solidify our comprehensive platform."

Phonexa Features Highly Implementable & Easy-to-Use Software

Part of the reason why Phonexa continues to resonate well with clients is due to how easy it is to set up and start using. The company ranked high across the following grid categories in inbound and outbound call tracking, as well as affiliate marketing:

  • Ease of Setup (x10 categories): Phonexa satisfaction rate: 95%
  • Quality of Support (x12 categories): Phonexa satisfaction rate: 98% 
  • Ease of Use (x10 categories): Phonexa satisfaction rate: 96%

Additionally, the company collected higher than average competitor satisfaction rates across the following areas within the "Inbound Call Tracking" category.

Phonexa’s G2 Spring 2022 report can be reviewed in detail here.

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About Phonexa: Phonexa is an all-in-one suite for marketing automation that empowers companies to optimize inbound web and call campaigns, and outbound call, email, and SMS campaigns, all while having the ability to enhance consumer journey every step of the way. Complete with 7 turnkey solutions, Phonexa’s customizable tools for calls, leads, clicks, email, and SMS marketing maximize workflow efficiency for direct advertisers and lead generators alike. Phonexa has the scalability, tools, and partnerships to serve clients in all industries, especially those with high consumer demand products and services. For more information, please visit

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