Personas Revolutionizes the Personality Test for the Modern Era

Personas is the first-ever Big Five personality assessment combining self tests, peer reviews, and scientifically backed papers with actionable results

NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Personas, the revolutionary personality assessment, announced the launch of their new platform globally at Personas is the first-ever personality assessment to go beyond the self-test, combining proprietary technology, open academic literature, and social reviews by peers to deliver actionable insights. By integrating the industry-leading personality test with decades of research, Personas positions itself as the market-leading personality assessment platform.

With Personas, users get a 360º view, thanks to the social approach of the platform’s built-in option to invite peers to contribute their views on users’ behavior. This enables users to discover who they really are and receive personalized insights on how to lead better lives. The large-scale automation behind the Personas platform also democratizes psychological expertise to the many, while also making it the perfect solution for large corporations looking to streamline their employee development.

Scientifically and socially backed personality results

Personas relies on the Big Five Test, the only personality test on the market that is backed by scientific consensus. The Big Five model has been proven to accurately predict life outcomes, from relationships to work performance, and organizes personality around five broad clusters of traits: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness to experience.

“Personas is the wellness version of personality assessments,” said Thibault Vandermosten, founder and CEO of Personas. “We cut through the junk-food noise of horoscopes and bogus personality tests in favor of research- and peer-backed input, making people’s lives better and richer with our results.”

Personas takes 100 years of research and distills it into insights tailored for each user. Widely available with an intuitive, easy-to-use five-step process, Personas enables users to go from sign-up to results in 15 minutes and get a full 360º view in less than an hour.

Going beyond analysis

Thanks to an algorithm engineered by a founding team with masters in AI and certifications in psychology, Personas offers not only results but totally personalized recommendations on how to improve users’ lives. Based on test results, the dashboard of Personas populates with individual advice on interpersonal communication, leadership, and more of life’s most challenging aspects. It also provides detailed analysis on the 30 facets, subcategories of the Big Five personality traits.

Praised by J.A. Johnson, one of the world’s top personality researchers, Personas is available in three different tiers, perfect for anyone from curious individuals to Fortune 500 companies and HR departments. The solution is designed to be self-administered, making it a low-friction people investment that always delivers at the highest scientific quality. Ethics and data privacy form the backbone of Personas, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

About Personas

Founded in 2020, Personas is now used globally by government organizations, large companies, and individuals. Learn more about Personas and yourself at

Contact: Thibault Vandermosten
Director and founder
+64 21 203 2439

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