Palaneum Opens Presales of Virtual Land Within the Metaverse

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Palaneum™, an immersive blockchain metaverse gaming experience, announces pre-sales of virtual land as part of their launch. Players can now pre-purchase grid-style plots in a variety of sizes and gain exclusive VIP access to free Palaneum Ape NFT airdrops and front-of-the-line options to land upgrades all within an exciting play-to-earn gaming ecosystem based on Web3, the next iteration of the internet. There are a limited number of plots available in the Palaneum community, the fastest growing metaverse on the Polygon blockchain that utilizes NFT virtual lands, artifacts, and custom land structures. 

Palaneum users can monetize their gaming hours by interacting with play-to-earn games, or by creating, buying, selling, and trading NFTs. Also, players who purchase virtual land will be able to build and create while monetizing the gaming experience and creating virtual content. Objects and items can be found by players in this virtual world, and higher-tier rewards can be unlocked. Once they are on the grid, players can establish virtual offices or stores for their real-life businesses, create free interactive experiences, and take part in other role-playing and social interaction in this virtual world.

Empire growth is the goal of land ownership in the Palaneum Metaverse ecosystem. 3D-styled plots of land are inspired by land regions of the United States, and pre-sales will begin with plots in the southeastern territories. With a total metaverse size of 100,000 plots of virtual land, only 10,000 will be available during the first round of pre-sales. This limited availability will protect the value of the virtual land. Palaneum virtual plot sizes include:

  • 200 Extra Large Estates – 24×24 – Reserved by Palaneum for the Game
  • 500 Large Estates – 12×12 – Reserved by Palaneum for Partners and Sponsors
  • 1,000 Medium Estates – 6×6
  • 10,000 Small Estates – 3×3
  • 17,660 Plots of Premium Land – 1×1
  • 70,640 Plots of Basic Land – 1×1

Sponsors can also advertise their brand name or logo on large blocks on this virtual land by getting an NFT for their brand, which will be encircled by premium 1×1 blocks. Pre-sale prices for plots of Basic Land (1X1) will start around $500 (350 MATIC) and increase based on virtual land size. Prices may fluctuate and are subject to market conditions and availability.

Being eco-friendly, ease-of-use and accessibility sets the Palaneum gaming experience apart from others in the Metaverse world. First-time users can quickly and easily connect a wallet to begin purchasing virtual land. Palaneum allows players, usually represented by avatars, to monetize their gaming experience and will also enable creators to generate revenue through royalties. Palaneum presale landowners will also have priority access to special drops and other perks.

Palaneum maintains an eco-friendly approach to gaming in the Metaverse. Operating on the Polygon blockchain gives players fast transaction speeds at low energy costs. "As the ultimate Polygon blockchain metaverse, we can protect our community from the higher gas costs of Bitcoin and Ethereum with the eco-friendly footprint of Polygon" said Will Jordan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Buying and owning virtual land in the Metaverse is expected to become a profitable venture for many. Land prices have already increased in just a short amount of time, with Forbes noting that "Metaverse virtual land prices have grown considerably from an average of $100 per land in January 2021 to $15,000 in December 2021." Buying virtual land through the Palaneum pre-sale allows players to become part of a fast-growing community in the Metaverse, where they can create, explore, and interact. As the product is rolled out in phases, 12 unique user experiences are planned by Palaneum over roughly the next year, with the first experience planned for the summer of 2022. For inquiries, contact Palaneum on Discord.

Media Contact:
Will Jordan

SOURCE Palaneum