Paladian Data Announces NVMeoF Storage Manager (PSM)

FOLSOM, Calif. , July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Paladian Data, Inc. announced the addition of its NVMeoF Storage Manager to the Composable Software Platform family. The Paladian Storage Manager (PSM) enables businesses to deploy hyperconverged NVMe SSDs across its customer owned servers which act as high-performance storage pools. By connecting to these remote SSDs using the NVMeoF protocol over RDMA or TCP/IP transports, PSM allows application servers to use these remote drives as if they are directly attached.

A REST API, CLI, and an insightful GUI used with a standalone management tool allow users to easily discover, manage, and monitor hundreds of drives being used by applications. The GUI allows administrators to quickly connect and disconnect SSDs to application servers visually. Platform health monitoring and alerting simplifies the storage management of the applications servers, storage enclosures and Ethernet connections. TLS and data encryption are used to protect data.

As SSDs are deployed to customer owned servers, PSM will also make recommendations as to how SSDs should be placed to maximize storage performance. Adding and moving ("hot swapping") SSDs between enclosure servers is supported. Storage is managed down to the namespace level.

With the availability of PCIe Gen4 and Gen5 NVMe SSDs companies may now create environments on their own providing tens of millions of IOPs and GB’s/second of bandwidth – outperforming many enterprise storage solutions costing 10 times as much and eliminating the need for complicated storage head systems.

Windows™ and Linux operating systems are supported. Automatic connection failover and hybrid on-premises / cloud storage environments can be created using add-on tools. White papers are available discussing using PSM with common analytics tools such as Elastisearch, Kafka, and Splunk™.

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SOURCE Paladian Data, Inc.