OptionTrax Simplifies Shareholder Due Diligence and KYC Requirements

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jonathan Miller, CEO of Plan Management Corp., the developer and licensor of the OptionTrax® System used worldwide, released the following information today:

OptionTrax has unveiled new functionality to simplify shareholder engagement and shareholder due diligence. In many cases, securities transactions (and certain jurisdictions) require detailed shareholder data collection and wet signatures. OptionTrax delivers auditable shareholder document sharing and engagement and daily alerts when shareholders add signed documents. With these features administrators can stay on top of engagement and crucial shareholder documents while detailed reporting allows for at-a-glance summary reviews of recent activity. Our newest shareholder document features include:

  • Upload forms that shareholders can complete, sign, and re-upload into OptionTrax
    Daily email alerts when new documents have been uploaded (and controls around which administrators receive the alerts)
  • Details about new document activity
  • System alerts on the home page so administrators won’t miss a thing the next time they log in
  • Report functionality that seamlessly tracks all document activity in one place

With the regulatory complexity of certain industries and jurisdictions, there are times when a company is required to store shareholder Identification details, like ID type, number and expiration date. With OptionTrax, administrators no longer need to keep that data offline. Encrypted and sitting behind multiple firewalls, administrators can rest assured the data are. Administrators can now be alerted when shareholder IDs are out of date, and report on ID status and details with the flexible reporting OptionTrax users have come to expect. Our latest shareholder ID tracking features include:

  • Granular user access for precise control over which administrators have access to shareholder identification details
  • Identification data for any ID type, stored with shareholder records
  • Automated administrator alerts when IDs expire
  • Filterable, flexible reporting on ID type, number and expiration date across shareholders

Mr. Miller stated, "As actual equity plan administrators and cap table managers, we are highly attuned to the ever-changing and increasing needs of issuers. This new shareholder engagement, tracking, and data protection, along with the ease of document management will make the lives of administrators much easier while increasing their confidence in the integrity and security of their data."

He concluded with, "We are proud and excited to release these new document capabilities and KYC functionality as they maintain our status as the most comprehensive, yet easy to use equity plan administration and cap table management system."

Media Contact:
Scott Miller


SOURCE OptionTrax