OpsVeda Announces Flexible New Ways for Customers to Gain Agility and Improve Operating Margins

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OpsVeda, the operational intelligence software company, today announced programs that give new customers the freedom to kickstart their journey with three progressive options to experience the power of OpsVeda solutions at no cost before committing. The engagement process extracts impactful financial outcomes from business data, supported by solution accelerators and adaptable storyboards available out of the box.

“The new options are especially targeted at small and mid-size companies, or individual departments within large enterprises, to engage with OpsVeda,” said Vikas Rajput, Vice President of Customer Success. “OpsVeda is the intelligent data platform of choice for organizations looking to understand their data and to generate a commercial impact rapidly. With so much data and business need sitting on the sidelines waiting on lengthy IT initiatives, our flexible plan options allow user groups to realize their potential rather instantaneously.” 

Customers have the option to try the Free 30-Day Trial as well as choosing between the new ‘Starter Pack‘ and ‘Term Subscription‘ plans. With the recommended 6-month ‘Starter Pack’ plan, companies can expect to jumpstart process discovery and optimization across their operations, with an extremely low investment. This plan provides the benefit of having their own productive instance of OpsVeda in the cloud with their chosen prebuilt solutions packages as well as analyst and technical support on the journey of data discovery and content creation leveraging the strengths of OpsVeda’s patented technology. The ‘Term Subscription’ is for companies that have already attained success with the OpsVeda Starter Pack, and would like to further expand on optimization opportunities and explore automated decision making with the help of AI-powered JUNI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

OpsVeda 9.0 makes it easy for business analysts and application developers to bring data, link multiple business processes and automate actions, all in a matter of days. By leveraging greater integration capabilities and additional data sources, RPA bots, a content-rich solution factory and broader technology choices, OpsVeda helps customers boost agility and operating margins. 

For more information, please visit www.opsveda.com.

About OpsVeda
OpsVeda is an enterprise software company on a mission to make customer operations immensely agile and profitable, through operational intelligence and AI-infused automation. Powered by patented technology and passion for business agility, OpsVeda solutions deliver predictive visibility and prescriptive automation towards opportunities, risks, and exceptions across the business functions of order fulfillment, supply, manufacturing, logistics, inventory, assets, and channel / retail. OpsVeda customers span consumer-packaged goods, food and beverage, fashion and retail, industrials, manufacturing, and high-tech industries.

Founded in 2010, OpsVeda serves its customers from its headquarters in San Jose, CA and offices in Greensboro, NC and Bengaluru, India.

Media Contact:
Alexandra Domecq