Odesso Announces New Executive Leadership Team

PHOENIX, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Odesso, a leading enterprise SaaS provider that invented the Orchestration Cloud specializes in removing obstacles to optimal workplace performance, announces a new executive team to support its rapid growth. Odesso leverages no-code app delivery to help organizations automate manual processes and streamline existing complex workflows fast.

Odesso harmonizes workflows typically found in complex enterprises and reduces operational overhead by allowing non-technical users organization to automate manual or repetitive tasks. Odesso’s platform technology sets a new standard for no-code process design and empowering all users across an organization down to the frontline workers to execute and deliver the high-value work from where they are at and with their preferred devices.

"I am thrilled to share the evolution of Odesso’s executive team and corporate leadership structure," said Zee Rizvi, CEO for Odesso. "We are incredibly grateful to have a group with deep talent, renowned experience and vision to execute on Odesso’s growth strategy to capitalize on the rapidly growing enterprise SaaS market. Together, our team of passionate and talented executives will position Odesso for significant growth in 2021."

"At Odesso our mission is to empower organizations by removing roadblocks to workplace performance," said Michiel de Bruin, CSO. "We feel that everyone deserves a smoother workday."

As Odesso has experienced rapid growth, it has appointed a new executive team to drive the next phase of expansion and product development. The following appointments went into effect July 28, 2021:

  • Zee Rizvi continues his role as Chief Executive Officer to oversee Odesso’s product vision and innovation roadmap. As a co-founder of Odesso, Rizvi brings over twenty years of experience with digital automation systems for industry names including Citrix, Amazon, Amgen, FDA and USC.
  • Matthew Andrejkovics will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer and will be responsible for financial compliance, reporting, analysis, and fundraising. Andrejkovics has more than fifteen years of experience that includes startup consulting, small business management, fundamental value-oriented investing and M&A advisory that enables him to engage a highly differentiated approach to Business Advisory.
  • Syed Naqvi will assume the role of Vice President of Business Development and will be responsible for sales operations and driving client acquisition. Naqvi brings twenty-five years of experience in developing enterprise business, sales teams, and effective operational strategies for growth.
  • Gerard Allard will assume the role of Vice President of Product, Platform and Growth After previously serving as Odesso’s Senior Enterprise Sales Executive, Allard has over twenty years of experience partnering with brands in enterprise sales and has consulted extensively to provide structure and transitional guidance in moving from transaction to growth mode. In his new role, he will be responsible for implementing and executing the revenue growth strategy.
  • Michiel de Bruin will assume the role of Chief Security Officer and be responsible for establishing and aligning Odesso’s information security best practices. de Bruin brings twenty-five years of experience and deep knowledge across the Cyber-Security spectrum having worked in a broad number of industries including military, government, and.

At its core, Odesso’s purpose is to unleash the tangible importance of enterprises’ ability to create and deliver software, workflows, and process automation to bridge the operational challenges and gaps found traditionally in business, and IT’s limitations with its toolset capabilities.

To learn more about Odesso’s revolutionary no-code solutions, visit https://www.odesso.com/.

About Odesso 
Odesso is a platform that empowers those who are knowledgeable and closest to the business challenges across your organization to capitalize upon market opportunities and respond to sudden changes to regulatory or compliance requirements.

Odesso’s powerful enterprise no-code platform enables these experts to rapidly address, create, and deploy apps and automation solutions to address the business’s immediate needs without the need for IT and developers or causing additional data silos.

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