Notix Reports Around 100% Push Notifications Deliverability in November

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Dec. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Notix is a full-fledged push notifications and audience re-engagement service that helps website owners on every step of the process, including parallel testing with other services, subscriber migration, audience segmentation, real-time tracking, and push subscribers monetization. The company announces an innovative strategy to push notifications delivery, which includes a multilevel approach. This personalized method encloses usage of numerous tools for every stage of the engagement process.

Notix’s latest case with Mallu Group is illustrative. Mallu used to have a little over 200K subscribers, mostly – inactive. With Notix, Mallu managed to increase the number of subscribers to 6 MLN, engage and return users to their site, monetize traffic, and generate more revenue. 

Notix delivered the most efficient asset management and user activity strategies to increase their subscribers base from thousands to millions users.

To reach exceptional quality of push notifications delivery, Notix has a range of advanced tools and services:

  • Better delivery rate
    Notix ensures around 100% deliverability rate, since subscribed users receive notifications not only when they are online at the required moment, but also when they come back. If there is a relevant notification for a user, when he is back online, he will get it. Delivery frequency and time are adjustable. 
  • Audience segmentation
    Targeting can be also improved with Audience Segmentation based on custom parameters.
  • Monetization with brand safe advertising
    Subscribers can be monetized, while website owners can use Notix to send their own brand-related content.
  • Real-time statistics
    The platform functionality includes access to real-time statistics for immediate metrics tracking.
  • Parallel testing
    To choose the most optimal push service, website owners can test Notix together with their current provider and see the difference.

All of these instruments and functions allow Notix customers to reach the new level of audience engagement. So the revenue boost and client base growth are ensured through the aspiration of Notix to solve concrete business problems of their partners.

"Notix always strived for the highest deliverability rate of push notifications around the modern market. Today, we are truly near to this aim thanks to numerous re-engagement tools and technological core updates we have developed, while a highly-personalized approach to each customer ensures that these tools are applied in the most relevant way. And there is more to come!" Karina Arkhangelskaya, Notix Head of Project

About Notix:
Notix is a web push notifications service that helps online businesses reach the maximal level of user engagement and re-engagement through smart content distribution around desktop and mobile devices. 

Also, in addition to GEO and device targeting features, Notix has interest based audiences and subscription time targeting, which ensures maximal relevance.

Maria Sarukhanova
PR specialist Notix

Samoukale Enterprises Limited
15 Karaiskaki, 3032, Limassol, Cyprus