Nfina Technologies Releases Six New IaaS and DRaaS Solutions

MOBILE, Ala., Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nfina’s Hybrid Edge-Cloud is a fully managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution designed to protect and ransomware-proof businesses without the cost and complexity of public cloud solutions. Copies of critical data are maintained on-site and off-site, ensuring information is always available for recovery and downtime is kept to a minimum. The solutions released vary depending on the size and needs of the business and include;

  • Edge-Point™ Small Business Solutions are single-node, entry-level models ideal for small businesses that require minimal VMs for local and remote offices.
  • Edge-Point™ Professional Solutions are single-node servers optimal for mid-sized companies that require more VMs, storage capacity, and performance than entry-level models.
  • Hybrid-Edge™ Enterprise High-Availability Solutions are dual-node redundant systems developed for large businesses requiring High-Availability solutions with maximum performance and uptime.

Product benefits include; Single vendor solution for IaaS (edge and cloud), geo-redundancy, backup, and affordable DRaaS, our hybrid cloud is half the price of the public hyperscale and our customer/tech service is top notice, offering same-day quoting and shipping.

Product features include; Five-year warranty on hardware and software, Nfina EdgeStore™ management software, and Nfina’s EdgeView™ monitoring and failover software.  

EdgeStore is used to create and manage data storage pools on and off-site. Snapshots created according to your desired frequency provide full-proof on and off-site backup and disaster recovery protection. Nfina’s EdgeView software uses a unified management control pane to monitor Edge and cloud data storage pools. In the event of a catastrophic failure, EdgeView allows you to quickly failover and run from your backups in minutes, not hours or days. If a ransomware attack occurs, your system is restored from snapshots taken before the event occurred. EdgeView also allows you to test failover procedures, assuring your IT systems are protected if an actual disaster occurs.

About Nfina Technologies:
Nfina Technologies, founded by Warren Nicholson, develops, manufactures, and supports Hybrid Edge-Cloud, Servers, Storage, HCI, and PCs. We are the premier provider of hybrid-cloud platform solutions, offering more benefits than the public cloud without the cost and complexity. Nfina makes data management easy by combining the entire process into a single vendor solution; Compute, Storage, Backup and DR, Unified Management Control Pane, Ransomware Protection and Remediation, and Managed Services. For more information, go to                                

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