New Mac App Infos Remembers Everything for You

Native macOS counterpart joins iOS version in efficiently managing short notes

EGGERSDORF/GRAZ, Austria, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Elemental Tools launched Infos for Mac, a new app for quickly storing and retrieving short pieces of information in an easy way. The new macOS app complements the iOS version that launched earlier this year extending the feature set with Mac-only features, such as a global quick-create keyboard shortcut.

Infos comes with a very clean and clear user interface resembling a grid of cards where each card represents a piece of information (or info) stored. Infos can contain short notes with links and optional attachments. You can organize infos via tags and categories. Additionally, categories can be assigned colors adding additional clarity to your information grid.

“We store everything from our spouses passport numbers, over important tips and tricks to remember, to our cars license plates in Infos,” said Elemental Tools co-founder Wolfgang Bartelme, the designer behind the app. “The primary design goal was to really find information very quickly — whenever or wherever you need it.”

Infos provides a convenient and simple way for storing all those short pieces of unrelated information you never knew where to put before. However, the app is not designed for strong encryption, therefore you should not store sensitive pin codes or passwords.

The new app integrates with Apple’s Siri (if the user allows it) with the idea that over time Siri will suggest some infos at the right time or place depending on prior usage patterns. Infos also provides a configurable global hotkey for quickly creating new infos on your Mac.

Infos is now available for Mac, iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store. For storing more than 10 infos, users have the choice between a monthly or yearly subscription, and a one-time purchase option. For more information about Infos please visit

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Elemental Tools creates productivity apps that empower people to achieve more by focusing their creativity, unlocking their potential and helping them optimize their personal workflows. Elemental Tools is the maker behind Firetask, a Kanban GTDĀ® task manager, Ideabook, a personal idea management tool, and Infos, a short information manager app. Elemental Tools focuses on the Apple ecosystem developing apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

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