Mutualista Pichincha is Harnessing Creatio’s One Platform to Automate Finserv Workflows

Mutualista Pichincha, a financial services institution in Ecuador, is choosing Creatio’s powerful platform to enhance its relationships with its customers

BOSTON, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Creatio, a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom, today announced that Mutualista Pichincha, a financial services institution in Ecuador, has chosen Creatio to automate finserv workflows and create more personalized and relevant experiences for its customers.

Mutualista Pichincha is a financial services institution that manages personal and mortgage loans, as well as savings accounts for various market segments. The company’s strong foothold in real estate includes the support of social housing projects, the promotion of brokerage services, and investments in industrial development housing with innovative and earthquake-resistant technology. Currently, the company serves the nation through its 25 locations in various cities.

At the organizational level, Mutualista Pichincha is committed to enhancing the experience of its clients. For this reason, the financial services firm sought a no-code CRM platform not only as a solution to improve the relationship and knowledge it has about its clients, but also as a tool to adopt a customer-centric work philosophy. With Creatio, Mutualista Pichincha can harness the right data to make every customer experience as personalized and relevant as possible.

As a result of its digital transformation embarkment, the financial institution is also able to serve Ecuadorians living abroad and help them benefit from the different solutions it provides through its virtual outlets. Mutualista Pichincha can cater to unique client journeys, delivering services and maintaining communications through customer-preferred channels, from real-time and historical data.

“It is vital to have a transversal knowledge of the client, with the desire to meet their needs and exceed their expectations based on the specific preferences of each individual. In finding a tool that would accompany us while creating a work philosophy based on generating good client experiences, Creatio was best suited for its powerful no-code-powered CRM tools and ease of implementation.”

The implementation was carried out by Creatio’s partner Praxi Solutions Inc.

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