Mutare, Inc. Best-In-Class Voice Protection is Now Available to Telnyx Customers Across the Globe

CHICAGO, Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mutare, Inc., a leading innovator of enterprise solutions for Voice Threat Defense, is pleased to announce a formalized partnership with Telnyx, a global connectivity platform that provides carrier-grade communications services.  Through this partnership Telnyx customers will be able to improve the security of their voice channel by removing unwanted voice traffic, including robocalls, spam calls, spam storms, spoof calls, vishing attacks and social engineering calls.

Voice Security is an escalating threat vector, as cybercriminals have increasingly targeted under-protected business communication networks.  Three of the top industry metrics expose the need for business leaders and enterprise security executives to protect vital voice communication networks: 

  • 550% YoY growth of Vishing Attacks (2021-2022)
  • Monthly Robocalls have reached 4.7 Billion, a 2.8% MoM upward trend.
  • Unwanted Call Traffic (all industries) has reached 9.82%; Education (15.29%), Legal (13.90%) and Technology (12.99%) experience the highest volumes of nefarious and nuisance voice traffic.

“Telnyx is excited to partner with Mutare to provide our customers with a solution that reduces cybersecurity risk associated with unwanted calls,” says Eric Bernhold, Head of Global Partnerships at Telnyx.  “As an internationally licensed telco carrier, Telnyx powers secure, high-quality voice communications, and the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter, will add a new realm of protection for our clients.”

Mutare has seen strong demand for the sophisticated, groundbreaking voice traffic filtering technology as successful voice-based cyberattacks are now routinely reported in the media.  Many of the victimized companies represent high profile brands. The industry-leading Mutare Voice Traffic Filter solution is based on an innovative architecture which protects organizations at the network edge.  The solution boasts five distinct filtering layers, built on a combination of best-in-class dynamic databases, organization-specific rules, pattern recognition, machine learning and proprietary AI technology, form a virtual firewall of protection for every endpoint in the organization. The tool includes a STIR/SHAKEN filter, proprietary dynamic database filter, threat radar and voice CAPTCHA verification. It also allows users to create customized rules to leverage their own blocklists and sets of call handling and filtering actions for inbound and outbound calls. In addition, Mutare’s user-friendly dashboard displays a customized view, including one-click access to most-used services, allowing users to check messages, manage notifications and configure settings for voice message management. 

“The Mutare / Telnyx partnership leads the way towards improved voice security for Telnyx customers, and exemplifies Telnyx’s commitment to providing secure communications,” says Aaron Klein, Carrier Account Director at Mutare.

Telnyx Customers can get more information:

About Mutare

For three decades, Mutare has been empowering organizations to re-imagine a better way to connect. Today, through our transformative voice security, digital voice and text messaging solutions, we make communications with colleagues, customers and prospects simple, secure and effective. And that means more time and less stress for your employees, a more positive experience for your customers, and improved bottom line results for your organization.  Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced people who care about transforming business communications and improving the lives of others. Ultimately, we are dedicated to make a difference for all our stakeholders – team members, customers, partners and communities. We are changemakers who are committed to becoming the recognized leader in voice threat defense for the enterprise.

About Telnyx

Telnyx is a global connectivity platform that provides carrier-grade communications services on a private, cloud-agnostic IP-network. Telnyx offers voice, messaging, numbering, fax, wireless, video and security solutions through RESTful APIs and its award-winning Mission Control Portal, making it easy to migrate and maintain your communications. As an internationally licensed carrier, Telnyx powers secure, high-fidelity connectivity while democratizing worldwide access to real-time communications over the internet.

Chuck French
Chief Growth Officer

SOURCE Mutare, Inc.