MontaVista MVShield Support Now Available for Rocky Linux Baselines

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and services, today announced the immediate availability of MVShield support services for Rocky Linux. The Rocky Linux project was founded in late 2020, gathering immediate momentum since its inception with continued robust adoption during 2021.

MontaVista Software joined the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) as a Principal Sponsor early in the process and the partnership was publicly announced in April 2021.

MontaVista has since been completing the MVShield product integration to contain the Rocky Linux GA release, and is pleased to announce general readiness to accept customer support projects, with lead customer deployments underway.

The MVShield product family, launched in 2019, and initially targeting the CentOS Linux 7.x baselines, has gathered a significant amount of positive feedback and adoption with customers in the CentOS user segment.

In December 2020, the CentOS project adopted the CentOS Stream approach, a development model more suitable for continuous rebasing of the core platform and kernel, and new development, rather than support of stable product branches. The Rocky Linux project stepped in to fill the need legacy CentOS provided to product engineering teams, and was adopted by MontaVista as a replacement of CentOS 8.x in the MVShield product strategy.

The MVShield for Rocky Linux product approach allows a customer to hand pick the chosen software components (such as kernel versions) and packages to be the target of support, focusing on the customer’s deployed product baseline. This chosen software branch can also include  content beyond the Rocky Linux releases, or be frozen on certain versions of the packages.

As with other MVShield options, Rocky Linux support includes the MontaVista values of deep expert support, stable and validated security maintenance process, and the option of providing  strict Service-Level Agreements to fulfill even the most demanding customer requirements.

Supporting Quotes:

"With the Rocky Linux GA release this summer, and now integrated into our MVShield process, we are excited to provide an alternative to our customers looking for CentOS 8.x and future RHEL compatible distribution support for 10 years or more" said Ravi Gupta, President and CEO, MontaVista Software. "Our CI/CD infrastructure developed during our 20+ years in this business provides tremendous value for customers choosing to adopt Rocky Linux and requiring  commercial support to ship and maintain high quality products for their customers ."

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