MojoRank’s Intelligent Recruiting Solution Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — MojoRank, a leader in artificial intelligence recruiting and diversity hiring solutions for human resource organizations, today announced the availability of its Intelligent Recruiting Solution on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

MojoRank’s AI-enabled talent acquisition software has a proprietary matching algorithm that intelligently evaluates candidates based on job requirements to instantly disqualify those who aren’t a fit and surface those who are the best fit and ready to make a move.

Companies that post dozens of jobs each year and receive thousands of applications can easily get bogged down in the hiring process. MojoRank’s Intelligent Recruiting Solution (MIRS) eliminates inefficiency, protects investments in human capital and boosts retention by aligning the right talent with the right job, including a built-in backfill plan. Using AI and machine learning, the platform:

  • Accelerates the time to fill and time to hire by eliminating time wasted vetting unqualified applicants.
  • Anonymizes the talent to eliminate unconscious bias and support the organization’s diversity & inclusion goals (customizable feature).
  • Advances the talent to enable internal mobility so the right talent is assigned to the right job.
  • Assigns other best-fit job opportunities to runner-up candidates internally and externally so the investment is not lost.

MIRS features global, multilingual support and integrates with any existing HR system and technology stack, so companies can enjoy its benefits right away without modifying or replacing any existing platforms.

“MojoRank’s Intelligent Recruiting Solution not only increases recruitment productivity and reduces employee attrition for human resource organizations, but we’re also excited to showcase the full capability of our solution on the Microsoft Azure technology stack,” said Brion Lau, Head of Sales & Operations for MojoRank. “MIRS is a groundbreaking solution that integrates our proprietary algorithms to find the best talent for every open position.”

Toby Bowers, General Manager, Business Applications Group, Microsoft Corp., said, “We’re happy to welcome MojoRank and its Intelligent Recruiting Solution to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our customers access to the best solutions available from our extensive partner ecosystem. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as MIRS to help human resource organizations meet their needs faster.”

About MojoRank

MojoRank changes the way companies discover, engage, and hire candidates and employees for open positions. Utilizing next-generation artificial intelligence, MojoRank’s intelligent matching technology instantly matches qualified candidates and employees to the right opportunities, completely eliminating time wasted vetting lesser-qualified candidates while at the same time removing unconscious biases. This groundbreaking solution accelerates the time to fill and time to hire, amplifies efficiency, supports diversity goals and protects investments in human capital.

To learn more, visit or explore the Intelligent Recruiting Solution at its page on Microsoft AppSource.

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