MobiDev Releases Mobile Device Management Guide 2022

ATLANTA, July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  MDM software suggests methods to quickly deploy, integrate, and monitor a network of certain smartphones or tablets. Ideally, MDM has to provide a way to oversee mobile devices as easily as desktop computers. There are MDM systems for all mobile operating systems, including cross-platform ones, but this guide focuses on Android as the only operating system that offers fully-fledged customization in terms of MDM.

There are three ways MDM can be implemented with Android management API:

  1. Work profile. A dedicated account on a device that stores and transfers corporate data without affecting personal data. MDM policies are also applied to the profile data only.
  2. Managed device, a smartphone or tablet enrolled with MDM.
  3. Dedicated device, a separate device used with restricted functionality. For example, this can be a tablet used as a bulletin board.

The system allows enrolling target devices over-the-air, which means no cables are required. You can use a wireless connection to enroll and manage mobile devices on Android.

The registration procedure to Google’s MDM platform imposes several requirements:

  • Android device version 6.0 or higher
  • Access to Google Cloud Platform
  • Enabled Android management API in Google Cloud Platform

After all the requirements are completed, there are two ways to enroll your devices: a quickstart procedure suggested by Google and a more advanced way to complete setup is meant for creating your own MDM solution based on Google’s API.

More detailed information about the benefits and limitations of Android Management API can be found at:

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