Mighty Canary Takes on the $100B Data Problem

Austin startup creates real-time "trust mark" for data that drives critical business decisions.

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — "Is that dashboard, right?" This question embodies a crisis in confidence about data that costs companies worldwide an estimated $100 billion each year in lost productivity1.

Businesses are investing a total of $274 billion annually in data and analytics systems2, yet only 27% of executives say their analytics drive business results3. According to a study by Accenture, the average knowledge worker uses three business intelligence tools and refers to constantly-changing data dashboards on a regular basis to do their job. This overload has a cost: 74% of employees report feeling overwhelmed when working with data.

How can data teams build confidence with the rest of the company and reduce time spent answering questions about the reports they build? Mighty Canary has created a trustmark for data that displays real-time status right on the dashboards and reports used throughout a company. Like a freshness date on food or medicine, the Mighty Canary trustmark enables data teams to signal and communicate the state of the data, wherever that data appears.

"Without trust, data stops being a driver of business and becomes an obstacle," said Tabrez Syed, Mighty Canary Co-founder and CEO. "Our trustmark creates a clear channel of communication between data teams and stakeholders so the organization can work confidently with data."

If a problem arises with the data that powers a report, it’s displayed directly on the report with a simple visual indicator that’s easy for non-technical stakeholders to understand. The data team can use the tool to communicate expected time to resolution and other important messages to the stakeholders of specific reports.

To enhance security, Mighty Canary reports on the state of data pipelines without accessing the actual data itself. Mighty Canary integrates with the common components of modern data stacks from Tableau, Airflow, Sisense, DBT and other widely-adopted tools for managing data and creating dashboards.

The Mighty Canary product is currently in beta. Data leaders, data analysts, and/or data engineers can try it for free at www.mightycanary.com.

About Mighty Canary

Mighty Canary is a privately held SaaS company focused on building tools to help data and analytics professionals increase trust in their reports and reduce time supporting old reports. Founded in 2021 and based in Austin, Texas, Mighty Canary was founded by technology veterans CEO Tabrez Syed and CTO Francis Sullivan. For more information, please visit  https://www.mightycanary.com.

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