MC2 Design Merges with Lone Fir Creative to Form New Brand and Marketing Powerhouse

CHICO, Calif., March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MC2 Design has joined forces with fellow agency Lone Fir Creative. The move will bring together two growth-minded firms to develop a ‘super team’ that can better help brands grow and scale in today’s market.

MC2’s Founder, Brian Curtis, notes, "We have always focused on helping clients achieve their vision through brand development, design and messaging. But growing a brand in today’s market demands even more; it requires both a differentiated brand and a high volume of digital activity to create the optimal conditions for engagement and revenue."

"Ambitious brands that hope to grow in this environment need a go-to brand partner that functions as a fully integrated extension of their team, moving them forward at all times, and in all areas," adds MC2 Partner Michael Coogan.

Lone Fir Creative brings the complementary skills of digital transformation work and a proven track record of growth marketing to bridge the gap between storytelling and high activity marketing.

"That’s exactly why we are merging with Lone Fir Creative," says Coogan, "to form a uniquely constructed agency that combines the potential energy of brand building with the performance focus of growth marketing to help brands scale year-over-year."

Operationally, both Curtis and Coogan will continue to lead as Partners alongside Lone Fir Creative Partner and CEO, Tyler Pigott. Coogan to focus on larger client projects and long-term growth strategies, Curtis to focus on educational and economic development sector growth as well as providing creative direction on large scale campaigns, and Pigott to focus on vision, culture, teams, etc. They have also decided to adopt Lone Fir Creative as the new agency name.

"It’s an exciting time for both teams and clients — with so many senior practitioners, efficient processes and a full suite of services, we’ll be able to take a more holistic approach to deliver an enormous level of support and impact for clients," Pigott said.

As a full-service brand building and growth marketing agency, Lone Fir Creative will focus on all levels of work, from strategy through execution. This includes, but is not limited to, brand and business strategy, go-to-market, creative campaigns, market research, paid and organic media, sales funnels, custom development, and a full range of skillsets for high performance and a robust digital presence. Visit to learn more.

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Ashlee Rolkowski

SOURCE MC2 Design Group