Lone Fir Creative to Offer Private StoryBrand Messaging Workshops

SEATTLE, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lone Fir Creative has a knack for helping brands find the right words that win over customers. The StoryBrand-Certified marketing agency’s new Private Messaging Workshops provide an even more personalized and focused way for teams to rally around a message that’s clear and compelling. The workshops are led by Lone Fir Creative’s Certified StoryBrand Facilitators and can be done in person or virtually.

When everyone in a company communicates something different about the business, it confuses, and therefore deters, potential customers. In the Private Messaging Workshop, the StoryBrand Facilitator will help key stakeholders articulate what makes their brand worth paying attention to. This new messaging unifies teams and makes it easier to connect with customers.

“We love helping our clients grow,” says Tyler Pigott, Principal & Chief Growth Officer. “It’s easy to rush into designing a new website or creating sales funnels, but the most successful marketing all starts with crystal clear messaging. We believe our new workshop gives teams a strong foundation for their future projects.”

Participants can choose between a 1-day and 1.5-day workshop, in-person or over Zoom. If company retreats have felt unproductive or a brand is growing and wants to ensure they remain focused, this workshop will help align the team and define a clear strategy for their messaging going forward.

Lone Fir Creative has a limited number of spots available for the Private Messaging Workshop. To see what is included and reserve your spot, go to lonefircreative.com/private-messaging-workshop.

Understanding that words are the most crucial aspect of building a successful brand, Lone Fir Creative has embraced the simple StoryBrand approach to crafting a clear core message that makes it easy to win business. From tech startups and consumer brands to higher education and healthcare, they have helped over 60 brands develop clear and compelling messages.

Take a closer look at their capabilities at lonefircreative.com.

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