Licel to Reveal Their Seven Security by Design Principles at Droidcon EMEA 2020

LONDON, Oct.  1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Licel – the global app protection company – are platinum sponsors of the annual conference that brings Android developers together. 

Licel will reveal their seven Security by Design principles in a special Tech Talk next week at Droidcon EMEA 2020. The conference, which runs from 8-9 October, will be 100% digital this year owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It will host 2,000 Android developers from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Security by Design in app development is a key area of focus for Licel. They see the post-COVID-19 world as an ideal time for a mentality switch about security within business. Rather than a last-minute scramble to secure apps before launch, they’re keen to see companies embrace security thinking from the very beginning of the process.

“Retrofitting security doesn’t really work,” says Licel CEO, Ivan Kinash. “The design and development of an app can involve a wide range of people and teams. And because of that, security vulnerabilities can creep in throughout the process. The result is often that windows are left open that hackers can climb through once the app is released.”

Licel are set to frame their seven key Security by Design principles against the backdrop of a world made even more uncertain by COVID-19. People are being inundated with phishing emails and texts at a time when general anxiety is already heightened. And Ivan Kinash thinks that this only increases the need for companies to develop their apps differently.        

“At Licel we see the next year or so as a bit of a sliding doors moment for businesses developing apps. Think of security at the very end of the development process, and you’re likely to suffer a breach and lose the trust of your customers. But switch to a security-by-design mindset, and you’re all set to thrive in the modern world.”

Licel’s Droidcon Tech Talk about Security by Design for Application Development is at 3.10pm CET on Friday October 09, 2020.

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