LANSA Launches Portal Development Acceleration with Visual LANSA Low Code Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LANSA, provider of the most powerful and efficient developer-centric hybrid low-code platform, is pleased to introduce its newest Visual LANSA compatible solution – Portalize. LANSA is trusted by thousands of organizations around the world because its hybrid low-code solutions are fast to deploy and easy to maintain. Portalize further simplifies and accelerates application development for developers using Visual LANSA.

Portalize is the world’s first fully functional, customizable, highly secure and scalable portal framework built on a low-code platform. This enterprise-ready solution helps developers save time by offering complex features that would typically require months to develop.

To celebrate the launch, LANSA is providing Portalize source code free to customers purchasing a Visual LANSA license through September 30.

 Some key features of Portalize include:

  • Advanced features making it easy for users to navigate safely
  • Security features such as IP monitoring and banning, bolstered by rigorous third-party security testing
  • Numerous user features, such as login, create an account, forgot password, security validation questions, update user profile, and set preferences
  • Administration features, including managing user accounts, security settings, email notifications, Google analytics, and session logging

"We’ve taken Visual LANSA, the most powerful and efficient Low Code Platform for developers and leveraged it to provide a giant leap in acceleration for those wanting to build very simple to the most complex enterprise portals. The value offered between Visual LANSA and Portalize for portal development is unparalleled in the industry," said Craig Trautman, General Manager, at LANSA.  

"For years, LANSA has been helping customers build their custom web portals. We have seen the usual challenges, along with the support customers needed to deliver a successful project. So we took our experience and developed a complete software development toolkit for web portal development that is ready to be customized and tackles these challenges right out of the box. You get the code with all the best-practice methods needed to develop the custom web portal for your business needs," said LANSA’s Product Marketing Manager Jose Caso.

To find out more about Portalize, please visit

About LANSA: LANSA is a low-code, high-productivity software development platform for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Visual LANSA’s unique low-code development platform, system integration, and digital transformation technologies reduce hand-coding, support multiple languages, and empower development teams to build applications up to 10 times faster. More than 8,000 organizations in 65 countries use LANSA’s platform to develop, maintain, and integrate their business applications, ensuring a consistent look and feel with minimal coding. Customers include JPMorgan Chase, Kawasaki, TruGreen, Vistar, and Walt Disney, among others. LANSA is a division of Idera, Inc.

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