LA Art Show’s Cultural Platform “DIVERSEartLA” Announces Seven Participating Art Institutions

AI, Memory & Humanity Explored through Thought-Provoking Installations & Immersive Experiences 

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — LA Art Show’s non-commercial platform, DIVERSEartLA, returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center from February 14–18. The program, which began in 2015 and is curated by Marisa Caichiolo, connects international and local art institutions to generate thoughtful dialogue through art. The 2024 program will showcase solo projects from seven top international art institutions, exploring the intersection of memory, humanity, and AI. Caichiolo says “The works invite us to consider the opportunities and challenges presented by AI while also raising ethical questions and the social implications of relying on AI as a tool for memory and identity.”

DIVERSEartLA will also present the second edition of the Museum Acquisition Award for an Emerging Artist – created by AAL  Museum & AAL Magazine (Chile) – who will have the opportunity to be part of the Museum’s permanent collection.

DIVERSEartLA’s seven participants are:

  • Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) is proud to present Osceola Refetoff: “Repairing the Future,” a multi-media exhibition focusing on global sea level rise. The centerpiece of the installation is a large-scale immersive audio-visual projection of the artist’s 8-minute film Sea of Change shot by Refetoff in Svalbard, Norway, near the North Pole. These visuals are paired with NASA satellite images while AI-generated animation envisions possible future climate outcomes. The original soundtrack is written and performed by award-winning composer Paul Cantelon. An accompanying performance from Hibiscus TV artists Kaye Freeman and Amy Kaps takes place on February 17.
  • The Nevada Museum of Art presenting “The Journey” by contemporary artist Guillermo Bert and curated by Vivian Zavataro, featuring a series of 20 highly-detailed, life-sized wood sculptures of actual immigrants employed as frontline workers. Bert’s multimedia work explores how ancient traditions and modern technology merge.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá presenting “Mythstories” by multimedia artist Carlos Castro Arias and curated by Gustavo Adolfo Ortiz Serrano. Appropriating the style and iconography of medieval tapestry, his work experiments with myth, history, and AI, and explores individual and collective identity.
  • MUSA Museum of Art University of Guadalajara, Grodman Legacy and Guadalajara Foundation (Mexico) presents “Fake Memory of a True Past” curated by Moises Schiaffino. This project seeks to create a reflection on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool to generate a historical archive. This video installation tells the same story from two different visions: the human and the artificial.
  • AAL Museum (Santiago, Chile) presents a visual narrative, “Be Water” led by the esteemed contemporary artist, Antuan. The immersive installation explores the significance of this vital element with Antuan’s creation of the Human Net, a human geometric structure, symbolizing the symmetry of the universe. The characters within represent humanity’s urgent need to address the global water crisis, highlighting the essential collaboration between humanity and AI to create a new network of human consciousness.
  • Raubtier & Unicus Productions (Los Angeles) presents “Bridging Emotional and Digital Landscapes,” exploring the intersection of human emotion and advanced technology to create a digital mural of individual and collective experiences. The audience engages with a touchscreen interface to input words or phrases that resonate with their memories.
  • Red Line Contemporary Art Center (Denver, Colorado) presents Laleh Mehran’s Entropic Systems, an immersive installation that considers the politicization of ideologies. In this work, a drawing machine inscribes a sort of memory into the mineral bed, much like a rudimentary hard drive.

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