JUNO, Bear Analytics Partner to Raise Value, ROI of Online Engagement

Innovative firms offer analytics, insights to improve the value for platform clients and all their users

WASHINGTON, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JUNO, a software company that connects and educates people on a single destination platform for events and year-round community, and Bear Analytics, a software company committed to empowering growth of events, have partnered to service event and community platform clients.

"This partnership with Bear Analytics and their Bear IQ platform was created to give clients more impactful analytics that will move their businesses forward," said Gabe Casey, VP, Product at JUNO. "Our commitment to innovate and support client innovation demands data measurement and smart analysis. Bear Analytics has a stellar reputation for real results."

The events environment is increasingly technology fluid, meaning associations and corporations putting on events and gathering their communities must look across virtual, hybrid and in-person channels to understand what their own customers are doing, and where.

"The benefit of this integration is it puts the event organizer first, and thus puts engagement for their customers first," says Joe Colangelo, Co-Founder and CEO of Bear Analytics. "The value for everyone is in comprehensive understanding of user engagement, however subtly, to set up stronger retention, more direct value for sponsors, more trust in your organization, and driving more growth overall."

"We are very excited about this partnership with the JUNO team, they are a very client and outcome-centric team and wholly understand the power of data-driven insights to drive event growth," Colangelo says. "The value center for clients engaging and educating users online is longtail community and content in digital platforms. The Bear IQ platform is designed to find actionable data-backed suggestions for pivots, content strategies, and marketing messaging. The entire focus is how to grow an event audience and engagement with that audience.

Demos of JUNO’s Single Destination Platform for connection, education, events, and analytics, powered by Bear IQ, are available to executives who have embraced digital transformation. Please visit  junolive.com/demo.


JUNO connects and educates people on a single destination platform for events and year-round community. This software-as-a-service solution is embraced by innovative clients ready to make the digital transformation necessary for future success in events, member communications and learning.

JUNO has helped thousands of users across five continents come together with more than 35 million minutes of streamed educational content. Organizations like the Professional Convention Management Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, Network of Executive Women, American Heart Association, a Big 4 national sports organization and a top philanthropic group have all chosen JUNO for events and community.

Learn more at www.junolive.com. For details or interviews, contact Dana Freker Doody at
 or 972.349.0015.

ABOUT Bear Analytics

Bear Analytics, empowers the events industry to be more data-driven. Our founding team of event professionals build tools for the world’s leading events to address the pain points of quantifying attendee engagement, audience composition, and growing revenue.

Bear IQ, is the industry leading event analytics platform for live, hybrid and virtual events. These include clients such as the National Association of Home Builders, National Confectioners Associations, and RE+ Events.

Learn more at www.bearanalytics.com. For details or interviews, contact Eric Misic at
 or 571.259.4193